7 Of The Best Reggaeton Clubs For An Unforgettable Night Out In Barcelona

Dance the night away to classic reggaeton hits in the best clubs Barcelona has to offer.

Barcelona is a hotspot for all-nighter parties, exclusive rooftop bars, and underground raves. All of which offers something for every kind of night owl. Contrary to popular belief, not all clubs in Barcelona play Latin music, so this list has you covered for the ultimate reggaeton experience. Here are seven of the best clubs in BCN that will guarantee an unforgettable night out.

Discoteca Latin Palace Barcelona

C/ de Ramon Trias Fargas, 2-4, Ciutat Vella, 08005 Barcelona, Spain

Located next to Pacha and Opium, party-goers can watch the sunrise after dancing the night away in Latin Palace. It’s divided into two rooms that feature reggaeton, salsa, merengue, and bachata. The rooftop terrace offers a panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea and city skyline. Be sure to try a salsa dance lesson while you’re here to elevate your dancing skills or simply have a bit of fun learning new tricks.

Latin Palace Facebook
Photo by Latin Palace Facebook

Pacha Barcelona

C/ de Ramon Trias Fargas, 2, Ciutat Vella, 08005 Barcelona, Spain

Situated next to other renowned nightclubs like the Latin Palace, Pacha has global recognition. Every day of the week has a different genre of music that can be heard across its two rooms, providing something for everyone. Afrobeats, hip-hop, R&B, pachanga, techno, and house are also played. Pacha features an Ibiza-style restaurant on the terrace, offering a spectacular mix of Mediterranean and Italian cuisines, run by executive chef Manuel Fernando. White walls against red bars, and the rounded sofas showcase classic Ibizan interior design.

Pacha facebook
Photo by Pacha Facebook

Mojito Club

C/ del Rosselló, 217, L'Eixample, 08008 Barcelona, Spain

Located near Bling Bling, Mojito Club spotlights classic bachata and salsa hits every Thursday to Sunday. The spirited atmosphere is complete with flashing neon lights and two full-service bars. White, rounded sofas line the walls of the interior, with plenty of palm trees and ambient lighting. This establishment also offers dance lessons for you to learn new tricks or simply make new friends, with no dancing partner necessary.

Mojito Club Facebook
Photo by Mojito Club Facebook

Otto Zutz Club

Carrer de Lincoln, 15, Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, 08006 Barcelona, Spain

Situated near Via Augusta, Otto Zutz is a lively nightclub which specializes in R&B, hip-hop, and reggaeton. Open every week from Wednesday to Saturday, Otto Zutz celebrates a new theme every day. Each of its three rooms focuses on a different genre of music, providing the best of all worlds. VIP tables can be booked on the weekends with bottle service. This institution can also be reserved for work events, holiday dinners, birthday parties, and bachelorette parties.

Otto Zutz Instagram
Photo by Otto Zutz Barcelona Instagram

Canela Dance Club

Carrer de Ca l'Alegre de Dalt, 55, Gràcia, 08024 Barcelona, Spain

Located near Park Güell, Canela Dance Club offers some of the best Latin hits in Barcelona every Friday and Saturday night. Here, the eclectic atmosphere with flashing neon lights guarantees a great night out. Along with the lively ambiance and live performances, guests can participate in exciting contests to win prizes. This spot is perfect for birthdays or bachelorette parties. Cocktail lovers should check out these 5 bars in Barcelona for any time of the day.

Canela Dance Club Facebook
Photo by Canela Dance Club Facebook

La Fira Villarroel Barcelona

C. de Villarroel, 216, L'Eixample, 08036 Barcelona, Spain

Fira Villarroel is new to the club scene in Barcelona compared to other spots on this list, but it has captured the hearts of many locals and travelers for its great sets. Only open on Fridays and Saturdays, limbo contests and shot contests add to the energetic atmosphere. Without a doubt, party-goers are destined to have a great night out at Fire Villarroel. Click here to discover the best way to spend 48 hours in Barcelona.

La Fira Villarroel Facebook
Photo by Fire Villarroel Barcelona Facebook
Natalia Guerra

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Natalia Guerra was born in Miami and comes from a Cuban background. Aside from her passion for travel writing and culinary arts, she also loves to step out of her comfort zone to live life to the fullest. Her lifestyle is being a digital nomad, working remotely as she travels the world one city at a time. Her favorite country has been Spain for its beautiful architecture and food, which reminds her of her Cuban culture.

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