Fool-Proof Guide To Your Perfect Sandwich At Bó de B

A quick and fabulous sandwich in Barcelona’s Latin Quarter.

Bó de B

Step #1: Gauge the line

As a rule of thumb, always expect the line to be long and be prepared to wait. (Just know it’s worth it!) Priority is given to to-go orders, so scoring a seat inside doesn’t mean you’ll be digging in sooner. If the weather is nice, get your Bó de B to-go and walk down the Barceloneta to enjoy your sandwich on the beach.

Bó de B

Step #2: Chicken or Beef?

Because it’s a sandwich, I’ve found the chicken to be (slightly) less messy. It’s a little more tender and easy to eat. Also, did you know Bó de B grills all their meat as you order it?

Step #3: Avocado, garlic, yogurt, hot sauce.

These are the four options for sauce on your sandwich. Your answer? Todo! It means “all” in Spanish. Trust me, the combination is heavenly.

Step #4: Sandwich fixins’ are the next step.

Unless you feel strongly against any item in the topping bar, go for it all! I promise lentils on a sandwich only sound weird until you take the first bite.

Step #5: Secret addition

Even though avocado costs more, it is definitely worth it. Disclaimer: this addition makes your meal a little more messy!

Bó de B

Jocelyn Reist

Jocelyn was a contributor for Jetset Times for a year, and has continued to travel around the world. Her stories are often about food, as she's an avid foodie (and knows SO MUCH about it!)

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