These 5 Spanish Summer Foods Are EVERYTHING

Take these recipes home and make your own Spanish meal.

 summer salad
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The Spanish are masters at keeping cool during the summer months. Whether it’s the much-needed siesta or rest during the hottest hours of the day, vacation falling during the month of August, the hottest time of the year, trips to brilliant Mediterranean beaches, or their every day cuisine; Spanish summer meals are tailored to clean, healthy eating and refreshment during the summer.

Take these recipes with you home and make your own Spanish meal wherever you are!

1. Gazpacho

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Hands down, my favorite discovery of my time in Spain, Gazpacho is the king of Spanish recipes. Generally made from fresh tomatoes and peppers hand-picked from gardens, Gazpacho is refreshing, delicious, and is paired with incredible combinations like fresh Spanish ham, croutons, onions, and more. Gazpacho is typically prepared in large amounts then stored to last for 2-3 meals. It is eaten before every meal…or maybe, that’s just me.

There are several gazpacho recipes but the most important part about the cool soup is creating your own and tailoring it to your preferences. Some recipes include cucumbers, some leave it out. Almost all include garlic but the amount has to be carefully calculated. Gazpacho is a learned Spanish art but once perfected, it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Follow this link for a classic beginner’s recipe.

2. Sangria

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Much like gazpacho, the perfect Sangria takes time and practice. The general recipe is composed of pears, apples, peaches, red wine, lemon soda, sugar and ice. Although, it can also be made with bubbly, white Spanish wine: cava. Sangria is made by the pitcher, meant to be shared, and perfect for a lazy summer afternoon.

Try these authentic Sangria recipes and leave room for improvement on and

3. Mussels

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Before trying mussels along the Spanish coast, I never knew how many varieties, flavors, and fresh summer sauces could accompany one dish of shellfish! During the summer, they are perfectly filling, keeping you full without making you groggy or overstuffed. Make sure to add light flavoring to create a sauce like wine and lemon. Some creative recipes for mussels include: Mussels in Tomato Vinaigrette and Spicy Spanish Mussels.

4. Cerveza

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My absolute favorite beer in the world comes from Spain. Estrella is my number one but between Estrella, San Miguel, and Moritz, you can easily replenish yourself on a terrace with some tapas. Unfortunately, these are not recipes that you can take home in your suitcase but fortunately, they are easy and affordable to order from anywhere.

5. Summer Salad

summer salad spain
Photo from Flickr Lou Stejskal

In Spain, summer salads come in a variety of forms. From fresh vegetables in light homemade olive oil and vinegar to ham, lettuce, tomato, and onions lightly tossed in a salsa rosa (a mixture of mayo and ketchup.) Summer salads are easy to prepare and delicious to eat. Check out these wonderful recipes.

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