10 Local Boutiques, Vintage Shops, Concept Stores & Art Galleries In Belgrade

A list for shoppers looking for something more artistic and locally-designed. Essentially, not your typical souvenir. 

In addition to Belgrade as a home to numerous contemporary art galleries, don’t miss out on its concept stores and local boutiques where you can find one-of-a-kind gems to bring home for as souvenir or interior décor.

Makadam Concept Store

Kosančićev venac 20, Beograd 11000, Serbia


For high-quality fashion accessories and home accessories, head over to Makadam Concept Store where you can find uniquely designed items made by Serbian artists. Makadam curates products solely made by local artisans, with stories and ideas that beautifully represent Serbian culture. Every accessory you see in the store live up to the shop’s slogan, “Handmade in Serbia.”


Gospodar Jevremova 38, Beograd 11000, Serbia

In 2015, Blatobran Gallery was established by ten Serbaian ceramic artists aimed to showcase all the wondrous pieces that can be produced by clay. Many artworks here celebrate Serbia’s traditional utilitarian value and the power of collaboration between creatives. Some artists to look out for: Lana Tikveša, Aleksandar Vac, Minja Đurđević, Tatjana Parađanin, Marija Milin, Jovana Čavorović…and many more.

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Jane Doe Vintage Shop

Kapetan-Mišina 17, Beograd 110000, Serbia

Founded in 2008, Jane Doe Vintage Shop has made a name for itself as the first vintage shop in Serbia with its first boutique in the Dorćol neighborhood. It carries notable items from 80s kitsch to 90s vogue. The store is warm and welcoming, adorned with vintage magazines, gadgets and artworks. Since its first shop, Jane Doe has opened an additional boutique with handmade fashion items designed by Serbian artists. Stylish fans can find everything from clothing, jewelry, belts, hats to home décor.

Šmizla Vintage & Design Store

Zmaja od Noćaja 14, Beograd 11000, Serbia

Šmizla Vintage and Design is another retro hotspot made for thrifty shoppers that also love old-school fashion. Situated in Old Town, Šmizla has been in business for two decades but make sure to stop by simply for its vast collection of shades. The shop carries sunglasses uniquely made by Serbian designers for all genders. The fashion pieces span from jazzy 1920s to 70s glitter glam. Furthermore, you can also sift through vinyl, signage, random knick knacks and toys.

Gradstor Design Hub

Pop-Lukina 1, Beograd 11000, Serbia

Gradstor Design Hub is a showroom, gallery, store and café. Its monthly programs and permanent collections are mostly fashion-based with clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories. This gorgeous store also displays beautiful furniture and home décor items. Although it concentrates on Serbian designers, Gradstor Design Hub also makes an effort to integrate international designers and creatives in its collections.

Dechkotzar Flagship Store

Gračanička 16, Beograd 11000, Serbia

DechkoTzar has grown to be a beloved streetwear brand in Belgrade, known for originally designed t-shirts, hoodies, hats…and more. In 2001, DechkoTzar launched a limited series of t-shirts with local band Red Zmaja. It was such a big hit that the clothing company started various collections of limited editions. At the heart of the brand, DechkoTzar is simply any guy in Serbia.

Singidunum Gallery

Kneza Mihaila 40, Beograd 11000, Serbia

The wealth of art displayed at Singidunum Gallery are created by members of the Serbian Society of Applied Art. You’ll see pieces ranging from ceramics, sculptures, photography, lighting, paintings, prints, jewelry to painted textiles. Opened in 1980, the gallery is situated in the famous Knez Mihailova shopping street. A few alleys away, there’s a smaller sister gallery, Mala Galerija, where events and exhibition are frequently held.

TRICIKL Art Craft Gift Shop

Francuska no.5, Beograd 11000, Serbia

For a not-so-average gift to bring home for friends and family, TRICIKL Art Craft Gift Shop is where you need to be. From canvas bags, postcards, stationary, candles, to a wide variety of cameras; this shop is perfect for unique items made by local designers that your loved ones won’t be able to find back home. Inexpensive crafts and a store fun to browse through, TRICIKL makes an enjoyable stop after a day of sightseeing.

FAB Living by Una

Krunska 50, Beograd 11000, Serbia

FAB Living by Una is a multi-brand concept store, curated mostly for your home. Each piece is designed by emerging avant-garde Serbian creative, from fashion to unique pieces of artwork since the show room also operates as a gallery space. Most of the pieces are handmade and highlights the imagination of post-war Serbia, the style ranges from classical to modern but each evokes the traveler in us.


Višnjićeva 4, Beograd 11000, Serbia

It’s so much more than a local boutique! Jevremova25 focuses on slow fashion and regional designers. Enter its glass doors; you can sit and have a nice cup of coffee, a tasty meal, then browse and shop. Keep your eye out for Startas shoes (the world first shoe producer founded in 1894 from the factory town of Borovo in the middle of Yugoslavia) and Cocopat bags.

Jevremova 25
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