15 Of The Best Night Clubs In Belgrade

To truly experience the electrifying night clubs in Belgrade is an ultimate indulgence in the city’s world-renowned scene.

Similar to Ibiza and Amsterdam, Belgrade has sustained a reputation for its vivacious nightlife. Much of it derives from Serbia’s complicated history as a result from the breakup of Yugoslavia in the early 90s followed by massive inflation. In order to establish avenues for locals to escape their daily grind, the city sprouted a multitude of venues that have grown into today’s prominent club scene.

There are different types of parties in Belgrade, one being summer versus winter months. From November through March, most of the clubs and even taverns are indoor due to cold weather. Once temperature starts to rise from April and on, the river floating parties, or splavovi, begin to pump up their music. A splav is typically located near Ušće waterfront and behind the Belgrade Fair. Each features a different type of music, vibe, crowd; but all have spectacular views of mesmerizing sunset and city lights by night.

The clubs also vary between mainstream and underground, which is adequately described in the list below. Most of them are considerably casual compared to London or NYC, for example, therefore dress code is depended upon where you go. As a rule of thumb, don’t try to enter with sneakers and can’t go wrong with smart-casual.

Every club specializes in a different genre of music, but expect a good mixture: house, techno, trance, R&B, hip-hop, and even turbo-folk which has recently popularized as a sub-genre combining folk music and Serbian pop.

Here are some helpful tips: 

  • RESERVE A TABLE! You can do so via email. Numerous clubs become crowded after 1 a.m., and most of them are filled with bar and VIP tables so it’s better that you have one reserved.
  • Without reservation, there’s normally zero entrance fee. But only with the risk of being stuck in line outside for hours.
  • Most luxurious clubs charge approximately 300€‎ for a table that includes 2 bottle of alcohol on the menu, and covers up to 10 guests. During busy months or weekends, prices may increase.
  • Don’t start to bicker with security guards, they don’t kid around. No bribery either.
  • Don’t arrive at the club completely drunk, bouncers will do a “face check” and will stop you at the door if they sense that you’re far too plastered – even if you’ve already reserved a table.
  • Most clubs have bathrooms that are considerably unkempt. So ladies should bring a small pack of tissue, in case toilet paper in the clubs run out (likely to happen.)
  • Bring cash! Not all bars/clubs accept credit cards.
  • Download the CAR.GO app or have a taxi number ready, since Uber doesn’t exist in Belgrade and it gets harder to try and hail one from the street during wee hours.

Freestyler Belgrade Night Club

Ušće BB, Beograd 11000, Serbia

Freestyler Belgrade Night Club
FACEBOOK Freestyler Belgrade Night Club

Freestyler is arguably the most glamorous nightclub in Belgrade, with a reputation of exclusivity and VIP tables. Located right on Sava River, Freestyler is on a floating boat with newly renovated sound and lighting systems. Do make a reservation since the club is always packed. After 20 years, Freestyler has made a name for itself, one as synonymous as the ultimate nightlife experience in the city. For VIP package/table, it’s 330€‎ per group which allows up to 10 people and also includes two bottles from the menu. Price may change on busier nights.


Bulevar despota Stefana 115, Beograd 11000, Serbia

Although Drugstore is an artistic cultural space during the day, it transforms into one of the hottest clubs in Belgrade at night. The space’s concept began with a different philosophy, which was to integrate both locals and foreigners within the underground domain. Its alternative music genre highlights trance and techno. But there was a bit of Madonna and Britney on the night we were there. In 2012, the building was made over from an old slaughterhouse into a cultural sphere that gathered like-minded artists and indie bands. Its industrial design makes for a unique yet sizzling night out!

Klub 20/44

Klub 20/44 Ušće bb Beograd, 11000, Serbia

Also situated on Sava River, Klub 20/44 is renowned for techno and trance music on the waterfront. Granted, genre also expands to dubstep, house, funk and disco depending on the theme of specific nights. Klub 20/44 is known for live performances and non-stop dancing on two stages. Head there especially during summertime when you can party with the view of lights lit upon the bridge and Old Town. During winter months, soirées are hosted under the deck. This institution highlights mostly local DJs, though Peggy Gou and other international names have made appearances.

Klub 20/44
FACEBOOK Klub 20/44

The BANK Club

Crnogorska 12, Beograd 11000, Serbia

Want sexy R&B? The Bank Club is where to go. With numerous tables and booths, the club can hold up to 400 guests. Since the club has been vastly popular, it has expanded to hip hop hits from the 90s and early 2000s. Partygoers have a wide age range, so no one feels out of place. The ambiance is high-level, but the staff is friendly, often hosting returned customers. If you’d like to dance all night to your favorite teenage tunes, The Bank is where to be.



Karađorđeva 46, Beograd 11000, Serbia

Savamala has recently become Belgrade’s hottest party district, and much of the area’s reputation has been hyped up by Hype. The same owner as Leto opened Hype in 2017, since then, it has been attracting an urban population and travelers. Wednesday and weekends are the busiest nights. The club is known to deliver a luxury and VIP service. It’s best to make a reservation in advance, and dress smartly. The club has an age policy: 21+.

Leto Splav – Leto Belgrade Night Club

Bulevar vojvode Mišića bb, Beograd 11000, Serbia

As mentioned above, the same owner as Hype also created Leto Splav which can be found at the cross of Sava River and Danube River in Central Belgrade. Since the club’s theme stems from nature, guests find themselves surrounded by greenery and plant-related décor. Leto means “summer” in Serbian, hence this floating boat party has become a favorite among posh night owls looking to dance all night to R&B and disco. Also, be sure to make reservations here since spots are limited and the space fills up quickly.

Leto Belgrade
FACEBOOK Leto Belgrade

Ben Akiba

Braće Krsmanović 6, Beograd 11000, Serbia

During winter season, Club Ben Akiba might just be THE place to be since it’s also located in Savamala district. Its two-level interior is not only designed to offer views from various angles but it’s also a fusion of two event spaces. Downstairs is Comedy Club & Bar while the upper floor is home to White Lounge & Art Gallery. As a result, Ben Akiba houses an artistic crowd interested in music, art and delicious drinks. Popular DJs have been coming here to spin techno and house since 2014. Despite that the building is rugged and somewhat run-down, this is where laughter is always followed by music.

Mr Stefan Braun

Nemanjina 4, Beograd 11000, Serbia

Mr Stefan Braun is discovered on the ninth floor of a high-rise building, and has become a celebrity-fueled hotspot. Opened in 2003, Stefan Braun created a sizzling night club hosting several themed night during the week. Even though the club is open seven days through the week, the place gets busy, so be sure to arrive before 1 a.m. so you don’t have problems entering or waiting. The nightclub is the highest in Belgrade, hence it’s the only one with a birds-eye view. The music veers toward R&B, and captivates partygoers of all ages.


Donji Grad, Kalemegdan, Belgrade, Serbia

Inside the Kamalegdan Fortress, Barutana is an open-air party by the old 17th century medieval warehouse which was meant to store a large amount of gunpowder used to protect the castle. Since 1995, Barutana has become a legend of its own, rooted from the underground genre. Today, the cult space welcomes popular entertainers from around the world, and EDM DJs.


KC Grad

Braće Krsmanović 4, Beograd 11000, Serbia

Another night club in a renovated old warehouse from 1884 is KC Grad which is also a cultural center where an art gallery takes places by day. By night, it’s a favorite for alternative and underground youth. Since its opening in 2009 in Savamala district, KC Grad’s been wildly successful as the culmination of art exhibitions, concerts, political debates, plays, workshops, conferences, drag nights and DJs. During summertime, enjoy the delightful outdoor garden for coffee or evening drinks. 

Money Club

Bulevar Vojvode Mišića bb (Sajamski kej Beograd RS, 11000, Serbia

One of the hottest places for the chic crowd is Money Club, located in central Belgrade on the Sava River. Internationally-acclaimed and resident DJs spin to hip-hop and R&B hits daily, entertaining a sophisticated clientele. Since it’s the same owners as The Bank Club, expect Serbian elites and athletes glamorously indulge in VIP services at Money Club. The age limit here is 23+, and fashionable dress code is strictly enforced.

Kafana Ona Moja

Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 77, Beograd 11000, Serbia

Taking a completely different turn, Kafana Ona Moja in Vračar district exudes a certain Bohemian attitude. The interior bears the look of a cozy tavern, but the night club after hours is frequented by local musicians, bands and DJs playing folk and pop music. Kafana Ona Moja offers a uniquely different nightlife experience in Belgrade, especially for young Serbians that want to further maintain their national heritage.

Lasta – Gradski splav

Sajamski kej bb, Beograd 11000, Serbia

Another floating boat on the Sava River behind the Belgrade Fair, Lasta Splav pulses along to electro, house, disco and funk beats. Though on Thursdays, there are mash-ups while Sundays are reserved for hip-hop all the way. Surrounded by palm trees that take one back to Bali or L.A., Lasta Splav’s legendary parties are both lively and fancy. Make sure to reserve a table, or entering the club might be difficult. The cocktail menu is quite extensive, and sipping on a tasty mixed drink pairs even better with splendid sunset view on the waterfront.

Splav TAG

Savski kej bb, Beograd, Serbia

During summertime, Splav TAG is open every night, either with theme parties, dance or house music. Since 2015, the two-story waterfront chocolate barge has been welcoming guests with comfy sofas, contemporary design, tasty food menu and a spacious dance floor; making Splav TAG a perfect and fun night out with friends. From the boat, there’s incredible view of city lights, Sava River, Belgrade Fort and the foot of Kalemegadan is lit with gorgeous illumination.

Klub studenata tehnike

Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 73, Beograd, Serbia

Started by students, made for students! Klub Studenata Tehnike was founded by students in 1954, making it one of the most historic night clubs in Belgrade. Aptly located at the basement of the Technical Faculty in the University of Belgrade, the club features rock, house, pop, R&B music along with theme nights held by students. The club celebrates artistic freedom, progressive perspectives, affordable prices so that the youth can continue to hangout and party at this cultural establishment.