12 Of The Best Restaurants In Belgrade

It’s easy to eat well in Serbia. And that’s a very good thing.

The food scene in Belgrade is undoubtedly on the rise. Despite an influx of young Serbians entering and thriving in the world of tech, those who dive into the food industry truly want to be there so that Serbia’s traditions are served with new innovations and cultivated modernization.

Eating well in the city is brilliantly accessible, since Belgrade’s culinary landscape is vastly democratic. For a Michelin-starred meal, the cost spans from USD $30 to $80 for a multi-course tasting menu. Opting for wine pairing? Stick to Serbian. Local vineyards might not be internationally known due to lack of exportation, but the collections are astonishingly balanced and full-bodied.

For a full list of traditional Serbian restaurants, head on over to Skadarlija. But the recommendations below are both old and new takes on the meaning of Serbian cuisine. Classical and stylish. Historical and trendy. Most importantly, they’re all delicious and affordable.

Don’t forget to try rakija in Serbia! Extremely popular in the Balkans, it’s a fruit spirit infused in different flavors: grape, apricot, plum…and many more. But honey is the most dangerous one!

Salon 1905

Karađorđeva 48 Beograd RS, 11000, Serbia

One of the most sumptuous restaurants in the city, Salon 1905 is an experience all on its own even without tasting the food. Grand staircase, gilded and marbled columns catapult an intricate vaulted dome. Salon 1905 serves modern Serbian cuisine, with a particular focus on larder. The tasting menu wasn’t available on this night, but the duck breast and a local red wine made for a fantastic pairing.

Salon 1905 Belgrade Serbia
Duck breast at Salon 1905. PHOTO WENDY HUNG

Restoran Enso

Mitropolita Petra 8, Beograd 11000, Serbia

best places to eat in belgrade

The chefs at Enso are having a lot of fun! By taking their grandmothers’ recipes, the chefs imagine new twists with flavors from around the world. Enso’s five-course tasting menu began with confit of rabbit in pure duck fat. I tried rabbit for the first time, since it was the chef’s signature dish. Followed by octopus, cooked sous vide for 36 hours with fermented garlic and salsa. Then, the main dish was aubergine baked in oven, finished on the grill. Embellished with black and white sesame seeds, glazed with honey and a side of roquette salad. The fourth dish was a duck confit in duck fat capped with cauliflower purée, mixed with chestnuts, sweet and sour hoisin sauce. The sweetest finish in the end was an incredible and mindblowing “chocolate fantasy.” One of Enso’s chefs, Nikola Stojcic, exclusively told us,

“We’re constantly learning, and we want to share our traditions and the food we grew up eating with the rest of the world.” 

Enso Restaurant amuse bouche
Amuse bouche. PHOTO WENDY HUNG
Enso Restaurant eggplant
Aubergine baked in oven then finished on the grill. Black and white sesame seeds, glazed with honey with a side of roquette salad. PHOTO WENDY HUNG
Duck confit in duck fat. cauliflower purée mix with chestnuts, sweet and sour hoisin sauce. PHOTO WENDY HUNG
Enso Restaurant dessert
Chocolate fantasy dessert. PHOTO WENDY HUNG


Senjanina Ive 4, Beograd, Serbia

Homa is another renowned restaurant catering to traveling foodies. Influenced by the wave of minimalistic gastronomy in Denmark, Homa&