12 Of The Best Bars In Belgrade That Promise A Good Time

Thanks to the surge of cool speakeasies, Belgrade has become an utterly exciting place to taste an immaculate drink…or two.

Bar Central is a fine example of Belgrade’s attention and passion towards mixology, as an imaginative bar and school expanding collaborative experimentations in the art of craft cocktails. For travelers, there’s a deluge of choices, mostly hidden in quiet alleys or ambiguous doors without signage. There’s one thing for sure, the welcome is always warm. Have a živeli good time!

Bar Central

Kralja Petra 59, Beograd 11158, Serbia

In between the popular Skadarlija and Dorcol neighborhoods, Bar Central comprises of award-winning experts creating – according to some – the best cocktails in Belgrade. The staff is on a constant wheel of testing and experimenting with various spices and dried ingredients. Sometimes, 500 drinks and 20 different twists of Negronis are made on one single night. Bar Central sets a different standard for mixology due to its cocktail college which certifies 120 students on a yearly basis.

Central Pub
FACEBOOK Central Pub

Druid bar

Cincar Jankova 1, Beograd, Serbia

Druid bar
FACEBOOK Druid bar

Jazzy and cozy. Druid Bar is a classic speakeasy: obscure on the outside, no sign at the door, polished cocktails inside. No menu needed, just utter your liquor of choice and an impeccably crafted drink will arrive for that flawless sip. Unlike other bars on this list, you’ll need to reserve a table at Druid to ensure a place to sit since the bar itself is modest in size.

Riddle Bar

Skadarska 9, Beograd 11000, Serbia

Riddle Bar is the perfect example that speakeasies and craft cocktails are making a splash in Belgrade. Again, zero menu, hidden entrance. One of the friendly bartenders arrives at the table to ask for taste and alcohol preferences: sweet, bitter, gin, vodka…etc. A few minutes later, he returns with a bespoke concoction which completely suits your unique palate. The team of mixologists even go out of their way to handmake the bar’s very own ice. Riddle Bar’s thoughtfulness even extends beyond the bar, a trip to the restroom is also a grooming access to hair products for men and hygiene materials for women.

Belgrade Cocktail Club

Uzun Mirkova 7, Beograd, Serbia

Belgrade Cocktail Club is quite hidden, so don’t hesitate to ring the door bell once you arrive at this fascinating speakeasy. Warm and welcoming, ask for Kimi to make a mean mixed drink of your choice. If not, choose from an impressive cocktail list. Since the bar’s location is near Kalemegdan, it’s a fantastic starting point to begin the night.

Belgrade Cocktail Club
INSTAGRAM @_sunca.sin_

Bitters Bar

Kapetan-Mišina 16, Beograd 11158, Serbia

For 5€ per cocktail, you’re getting one of the best concoctions. Bitters Bar includes a tiki collection which is rare for Belgrade, in addition to signature and classic cocktails. But for the best, go rogue rather than ordering from the menu. Chat with the bartenders and let them create a unique blend personalized just for you. Go on weekdays for a 2 for 1 special price, between 5-7 p.m.

Bitters Bar Belgrade
INSTAGRAM @bitters_bar

Monkey Bar Belgrade

Deligradska 4, Beograd 11000, Serbia

The monkey theme around the bar lives up to the name. Monkey Bar is a vivacious hangout where you quite literally taste its Instagram account by using it as a drink menu. If the weather is beautiful, then indulge in the bar’s outdoor terrace since Monkey Bar has one of the loveliest gardens in Belgrade. You can also order snacks in the afternoon, towards the evening, music will be blasting to set the vibe.


Ušće bb Beograd RS, 11070, Serbia

If you’re looking for an oasis in the middle of an oasis, then HotMess is made for you! It’s essentially a lounge on a boat with a pool in the middle. There’s always a DJ spinning, you can order anything from shisha, coffee, cocktails, to bottles of champagne. The boat is always hoppin’, even on weekdays. Most people come here for day drinking, pool time, tanning until the sun goes down.

Hot Mess

Kultura Bar

Kralja Milutina 4, Beograd 11000, Serbia

Secluded in a reticent street, Kultura Bar is where you’ll taste refined cocktails. Even without glancing over the menu, feel free to communicate with the mixologist who will deliver a superbly crafted aperitif customized to your taste and preference. Interior décor edges on the artistic route, the space is considerably small but exquisitely intimate. Don’t be surprised if you happen to walk in on a theme night, the staff might be dressed up like it’s Halloween!

Kultura Bar
FACEBOOK Kultura Bar

Sky Lounge

Kralja Milana 35, Beograd 11000, Serbia

For savvy business travelers looking for a slick place to grab a drink after work while admiring a breathtaking view of the city, head over to Hilton Hotel’s SkyLounge. The minimalist design exudes low-key refinement that captivates the city’s sophisticated crowd celebrating special occasions with signature craft cocktails. If you’re feeling hungry, the bar’s Pan-Asian renowned menu is created by Thailand’s Chef Tong.

Boho Bar

Kalemegdanska Terasa bb, Beograd 11000, Serbia

Since Kalemegdan Park and the Belgrade Fortress are must-see’s on everyone’s itinerary, Boho Bar is naturally a charming stop if you need a place to rest your feet and admire the lovely panorama of the city. Ivory clothed umbrellas and round cushions on the bar floor complete a certain Bohemian charm. Head there around sunset, so you can catch Belgrade at its finest hour.

Boho Bar

Josephine Belgrade

Kralja Milutina 33, Beograd 11000, Serbia

Josephine BEST BARS IN Belgrade
FACEBOOK Josephine Belgrade

Step into a chic 1920’s Art Deco era when iconic artist Josephine Baker ruled the stage. Josephine’s cocktails are led by the combined creativity of Dusan Zarić from New York and Vladimir Simić whose goal is to awaken our sixth senses. Their cocktails are aromatically infused with authentic herbs and spices that are meant to take us on a journey around the world. China Town Sling (Caribbean rum extra aged in ex bourbon barrel, Sailor Jerry spice rum, Orgeat syrup, lime, angostura, bitters, and spiced ginger beer,) St. Germain Café (Sinner gin, creme de abricot infused jalapeno & peach, lemon, elderflower, foam, and raspberry dust) … just to name a few.

Samo Pivo

Balkanska 13, Beograd 11000, Serbia

Beer lovers should check out Samo Pivo for hundreds of chilled brews that range from Serbian craft options to a wide variety of imports. There are more than 20 beers on tap, with many more in bottles and cans. This punk-rock pub is quite hidden, just remember it’s near Hotel Moscow and on the second floor.

Samo Pivo
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