12 Amazing Things To See And Do In Belgrade

Spend at least three days in Belgrade, you’re in for a REALLY good time!

Unbeknownst to commercial tourists, Belgrade is a captivating city to visit. With low crime rate, in addition to a profusion of landmarks to see and fun activities to do, there’s a reason why Belgrade is often labeled as “Gateway to the Balkans.” Despite that most travelers, in recent years, have preferred the likes of Croatia or Montenegro when they venture out to the Balkans; missing out on Belgrade is quite a travesty since it’s undoubtedly a city full of history, delicious cuisine and, most importantly, truly friendly people.

Kill three birds with one stone: 

Three main landmarks are essentially located in the same area. Once you enter Kalemegdan Park, you can also check off Belgrade Fortress and The Victor monument at the same time.

Belgrade Fortress

Belgrade Fortress
Belgrade Fortress. PHOTO WENDY HUNG

Highly regarded as the ancient heart of the city, Belgrade Fortress is the city’s cultural heritage built during a long period of time: from 2nd to 18th century. Since it was destroyed and rebuilt several times, the fortress became symbolic of a city in constant evolvement and growth. The Romans first founded the fortress but it later suffered ravage by Goths, Huns, Avars and Slav. Today, admiring the view of Sava and Danube rivers’ meeting point from top of the fortress is an absolutely magnificent sight.

Belgrade Fortress from above
Belgrade Fortress from above. PHOTO WENDY HUNG
Belgrade Fortress entrance
Belgrade Fortress entrance. PHOTO WENDY HUNG


Kalemegdan bb 11000, Beograd, Serbia

Kalemegdan is the largest park and embodies the most important historical monument in Belgrade: Belgrade Fortress and The Victor. It is situated at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers. The Park was once part of the town field within the Belgrade Fortress, used by the Ottoman army to train military before battles. Today, it is the site of sporting, art and cultural events.

Kalemegdan Park
Kalemegdan Park. PHOTO WENDY HUNG

The Victor

Bulevar vojvode Bojovića, Beograd, Serbia

The Victor can be found at the Belgrade Fortress, it was built to honor Serbia’s win against Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian empires during the Balkan Wars and the First World War. Construction was finished in 1928 by Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović, the famous statue stands at 14 meters tall. It is a male figure with a falcon on his left hand signifying peace and a sword in the right as a symbol of war. A significant image of power; he’s standing on a pedestal looking over the junction of the Sava, the Danube, the Pannonian plain and the Fruska Gora mountain.

View from The Victor
View from The Victor. PHOTO WENDY HUNG
The Victor