Top 5 Must-See’s For Your Quick Glasgow Trip

For an industrial city, many head to Glasgow for business or for a short stay.


Going to Glasgow but you’ve got limited time or simply 24 hours? We’re keeping it easy for you. Here are quintessential sights that you truly shouldn’t miss out on!

1. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Argyle St, Glasgow G3 8AG, UK (map, website)

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is one breathtaking creative experience that takes you inside the beauty of Scottish history and art. Reopened in 2006, the museum is situated right next to University of Glasgow (another must-see, killing two birds with one stone!) The free admission is a captivating reason why the museum has remained one of the most popular attractions in the city. Inside, you’ll be able to gaze at 22 themed art galleries with 8,000 objects. Salvadore Dali’s beautiful “Christ of Saint John of the Cross” can be seen here, as well as Sophie Cave’s mesmerizing “Floating Heads Installation.”

2. Glasgow Cathedral

Castle St, Glasgow G4 0QZ, UK (map, website)
Glasgow Cathedral

Also known as the High Kirk of Glasgow, the Glasgow Cathedral makes a lovely stroll on any day. The brilliant Scottish Gothic architecture was built before the Reformation from late 12th century. Surrounding the church are beautiful pathways where you can walk around Cathedral Square, sip on a pint of beer or munch on fish and chips at a nearby restaurant. Just a few steps away is Glasgow Necropolis – a Victorian cemetery where 50,000 people were buried on a hill.

3. Tennents Brewery

161 Duke St, Glasgow G31 1JD, UK (map, website)
Tennents Brewery

A fun activity to do for beer lovers is the Tennents Brewery Tour, which takes place near Glasgow Cathedral. The hour-long tour takes you on an educational journey of how Tennent beers are made, a fun walk through factories and warehouses. The tour ends with a lovely (and generous) tasting of various locally brewed Tennents. When the Glasgow rainfall deters you from outdoor activities, this is a fantastic alternative for thirsty bears.

4. George Square

George St, Glasgow G2 1DU, UK (map)
George Square, Glasgow
George Square, Glasgow. UNSPLASH Ben Wicks

The main square in Glasgow is important in its collection of statues and convenient location. Right in the center of the city, these is where many shopping boutiques and streets can be explored. Established in 1781, George Square features statues honoring important Scottish figures, including: James Watt, Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott…and many more.

5. Glasgow Botanic Gardens

730 Great Western Rd, Glasgow G12 0UE, UK (map, website)
Glasgow Botanical Gardens
UNSPLASH Crawford Jolly

What a sight for sore eyes! In general, Scotland’s botanic gardens make a delightful way to be surrounded by nature since they tend to be massive and beautifully structured. Glasgow Botanic Gardens is no exempt! It features quite a few glasshouses, including the famous Kibble Palace. Created in 1817, the garden was not only used to supply the University of Glasgow, it was (still is) also home to concerts and events. Afterwards, you should head over to Ashton Lane for a few drinks and a great meal (Ubiquitous Chip is highly recommended.)

Wendy Hung


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