6 Of The Best Areas For Any (& Every) Kind Of Shopping In Edinburgh

If you want the perfect place to hide from spontaneous rain.

Edinburgh may be known for art and literature, but the shopping here is just as delightful. If you want the perfect place to hide from spontaneous rain, these shops make the perfect escape. Here’s a breakdown of where you should go!

The Royal Mile – Best for souvenirs

Royal Mile, Edinburgh
UNSPLASH Emran Yousof

As cheesy as tourist areas can be, The Royal Mile still boasts the best shopping for souvenirs and gifts. Tartans, kilts, local arts and crafts can be found here. For anything Scottish that you may be looking for, The Royal Mile has got it all. Check out the Royal Mile Market, it has numerous vendors selling all sorts of presents you can bring home for yourself or for loved ones.

Princes Street – Main commercial area

Princess Street, Edinburgh
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Who doesn’t love a Marks & Spencer when you’re in the UK! Not just M&S, but on Princes Street, you’ll find all the big chain stores here including: the Apple Store, Top Shop, Zara, Primark…and much more. On the other side is the view of Old Town, besides fighting the harsh wind, Princes Street makes one giant shopping spree that can’t be avoided.

George Street – Still commercial and stylish

George Street, Edinburgh
UNSPLASH Ross Sneddon

Parallel to Princess Street is the ultra stylish George Street that offers other global brands that you haven’t encountered on Princess Street. You’ll see Hollister, Anthropologie, All Saints…and many more. The Georgian architecture plays the perfect backdrop to your window shopping!

Multrees Walk – Ultimate luxury

Multrees Walk
PHOTO Multrees Walk

For luxe labels you know from around the world, you’ll find them here on the Multrees Walk. Louis Vuitton, Harvey Nichols, Mulberry, Marc Jacobs, Celine, Stella McCartney…you get the drift. For anyone coveting a name brand handbag in this beautiful city, you’ve gotta hit up Multrees Walk.

The West End

Lily Luna - Edinburgh Boutique Jewellery Shop
FACEBOOK Lily Luna – Edinburgh Boutique Jewellery Shop 

For something just a bit more boutique-y, you want to stroll a few more minutes from Princes Street and you’ll find yourself at the West End “Village.” Along cobblestone roads, you’ll see a mixture of something organic, something flora, something that belongs to local designers. This area is great for upmarket shopping and for great jewelries.


Edinburgh Grassmarkets
FACEBOOK Edinburgh Grassmarkets

Along with Victoria Street, Grassmarket is great for new, independent boutiques and designers that are off-the-beaten-path. Artisans, local Scottish brands featuring vintage and antique items can be discovered here. If you love a great vintage find at random places that aren’t as mainstream, this is your spot!

Wendy Hung


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