Aberdeen: 5 Attractions You Must Visit

It doesn’t quite have the reputation of the likes of Edinburgh but make no mistake about it, Aberdeen is full of charm. It is a destination well worth a visit if you are in the area, or even worthy of a standalone trip if you decide.


Today is all about showcasing this in its full glory. There are plenty of hotels available; so sit back, read up on our top five list of attractions in Aberdeen, and prepare to book your next getaway.

Have a wander through Old Aberdeen

Like a lot of major cities, Aberdeen can still be tied back to its roots. Anyone who is visiting the city should make it their aim to get to Old Aberdeen; a world of cobbled, winding streets that are utterly charming.

It also has a touch of new sprinkled in there, with students often seen frequenting the area due to the university which is based nearby.

Dabble in dolphin spotting

From afar, Aberdeen can sometimes be regarded as quite an industrial city, largely due to its links with the oil and gas industry.

Bearing this in mind, it might come as a surprise to see this next feature on our list as it might appear a little “too innocent”, if there ever were a term. Put simply, dolphin spotting is a key attraction in this part of Scotland. If you head over to the harbor, there are umpteen cruise ships running and you’ll get to set eyes on a whole magnitude of dolphin species.

A visit to the Winter Gardens

For a touch of nature meeting historic architecture, let’s now direct you towards the Winter Gardens. As the name suggests, this is all revolve around nature, with an assortment of greenhouses housing countless species of plants from around the world.

The nature itself is breathtaking, but let’s also make a point about the fabulous cast-iron building which houses many of these plants. While there are some modern buildings thrown in there, the original structure adds even more charm to proceedings and adds a sense of culture as it dates back to the early 1900s.

Take to the oldest bridge in Scotland

The Brig o’Balgownie is the oldest bridge in Scotland – and that fact alone makes it well worth a visit. Unsurprisingly, it oozes charm and acts as the main cross point along the River Don.

The bridge is accessed via Seaton Park, which allows you to sample yet more beauty on your way.

Sample Aberdeen’s maritime history

Most people are aware that Aberdeen is quite a big deal when it comes to maritime, but the Aberdeen Maritime Museum perhaps just highlights this to the extent required. It’s one of the most popular attractions you will find in the city and contains everything from models to photographs. There are displays about the North Sea petroleum industry, while there is also the classic visitor shop and cafe to rest in after a long day’s researching. There’s a little something for everyone.

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