Hidden Gem: Lenin Mausoleum In Moscow

History buffs will love it.

Photo: Wendy Hung

Moscow is famously known for delectable beluga caviar, Red Square’s stern stateliness and ornate beauty inside metro stations. As you should definitely do and taste all of the above, there’s no doubt you’ll be spending a few hours in Kremlin – la crème of Russia’s capital.

The fortified compound pumps Moscow’s every pulse. The heart of this vibrant city includes: five palaces, four cathedrals, and Kremlin Towers. All wrapped around by Kremlin Wall’s red shield. With the bustling Red Square merely 12 minutes away by foot, you’ll be busy taking selfies until your phone runs out of battery. That’s why it’ll be easy to miss a landmark which doesn’t attain as much attention as the colorful St. Basil’s cathedral (above photo.)

Taking a few more minutes to visit Lenin’s Mausoleum culminates to an unforgettable experience especially for history buffs. Understand the role Lenin played to bring down Czars, and you’ll be stunned at his petite frame that revolutionized the Soviet Union. Lenin died on January 21, 1924. Architect Aleksey Shchusev was immediately assigned to construct an edifice to allow public viewing of Lenin’s body. Today, the former Communist leader has been carefully preserved, even with false eyelashes. Although cameras aren’t allowed inside, some have spotted strips of artificial skin on his corpse.

If you’re cathedral-ed out during your day near the Red Square, switch it up with an actual preserved body of Lenin that’s been there since 1924. Morbid, maybe. But it sure is less touristy than anything else within the proximity. Unless you spot a couple getting married in the middle of the square!

lenin mausoleum
Photo: Wendy Hung

Wendy Hung


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