8 Of The Best Places To Go Shopping In Doha, Qatar

Similar to other capital cities in the Middle East, shopping in Doha is a cultural blend of old and new. 

If you wonder why there are so many malls in Doha, just remember they make refreshing getaways from desert fever. In addition to modern and European-inspired malls; Doha also welcomes visitors with Qatari souqs, bustling fish vendors and vibrant night markets. Here are the best places to shop in Doha, so you can ride roller coasters while scoring a designer handbag.


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Souq Waqif

Doha, Qatar

A stop at the Souq Waqif is a must when visiting Doha, with its labyrinth of market stalls brimmed with textiles, jewelries, spices and local handicrafts. As one of Qatar’s oldest markets, Souq Waqif was once a busy trading center for the Bedouin who came here to trade camels and essential goods for their nomadic way of life.

It’s best to visit Souq Waqif early in the morning or in the evening to avoid the daytime heat. Make sure to stop for a refreshing tea break before going for another round of discovery.

Souq Waqif, Doha, Qatar
Photo by Emre on Unsplash

Mina District

19 Street No : 200, New Doha Port, الدوحة،, Qatar

Mina District is the perfect example of Doha transforming its city, a massive makeover from Old Doha Port to a neighborhood of pastel-painted buildings full of restaurants and cafés. It is now home to Grand Terminal where massive cruise ships dock along the hustling marina against crystalline waters.

Don’t miss the Chabrat Al Mina fish market where fresh seafood is displayed on numerous stalls. After sunset, there’s also Souq el Mina night market perfect for browse and shop underneath twinkling lights.

The Pearl-Qatar

The Pearl

For one of the most luxurious areas in Doha, check out The Pearl. The man-made island in West Bay District features high-rises, yachts lined along the marina, and endless shops for those who love designer brands. The island sits on four million square meters of real estate that includes 25,000 residences – home to 52,000 residents. It has grown to be one of the biggest developments in the Middle East at $15 billion once completed. The impressive Porto Arabia Towers, for example, houses 4,700 premium apartments. Meanwhile, Viva Bahriya Towers, encompasses 29 state-of-the-art towers. 

Villaggio Mall

Al Waab St, Doha, Qatar

Villaggio Mall is a Venetian-inspired shopping haven to escape desert heat while riding through over 200 luxury brands and accessible boutiques, since many come here for the signature 150-meter indoor canal where gondolas are fun transportation vehicles to traverse from one part of the mall to the other. Located in Aspire Zone of Doha, the mall also includes Gondolania Theme Park where shoppers can enjoy an ice rink for ice hockey, a roller coaster and a bowling alley.

Gold Souq

7GPQ+62Q, Ibn Malik St, Doha, Qatar

Not too far away from Souq Waqif, The Gold Souq is a sparkly institution for handcrafted jewelries with prices ranging from accessible to astronomic. In addition to gold jewelries, there are stores that also sell silver, platinum and white gold pieces. Since it’s Qatari tradition for men to offer women 22-carat gold bangles during vacation, the souq will be quite busy prior to national holidays. If you’d like reassurance of jewelries before purchasing, the gold is often weighed in front of you, then given a certificate.

Doha Gold Souk
Doha Gold Souk. INSTAGRAM @mariam.m.almutawa

Doha Festival City

Doha Festival City, Qatar

Doha Festival City is another popular mall perfect for families since it features Angry Birds Park where visitors can indulge in go-karts, bumper cars, ziplines, Raft Battle and even Angry Coasters. If the heat is too much, there’s also a Snow Dune and indoor snow slide. With more than 400 brands, 100 restaurants and VOX Cinema; this mall sets itself apart with Qatar’s first e-gaming spot, Virtuocity.

Corniche Fish Market

8H22+QP6, Doha, Qatar

For seafood lovers, Corniche Fish Market is a must-stop. Cornish itself is a lovely area for strolling and a tranquil promenade, and the fish market here starts early with fishermen selling their daily catch, like: groupers, crabs, rabbitfish, even sharks. What’s different about this fish market than the one in Mina District is that the Corniche is located upon jetties where visitors can admire fisherman working with nets, preparing for their work the next morning. It’s best to stop by before noon, when the jetties are action-packed.

Corniche Fish Market
INSTAGRAM @uniquekaram

Lafayette Galleries Doha

21 High Street Katara PB No 75, Doha, Qatar

An extension of the iconic department store in Paris, Doha Lafayette Galleries is located in Katara Cultural Village where 15,000 square meters of stores and restaurants exude Parisian vibes. Located near The Pearl, this mall also includes traditional Qatari ambiance with a replica of an ancient merchant village which can be seen in front of Galeries Lafayette. The juxtaposition of European and Qatari architectural designs makes this shopping experience quite unique.

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