Your Cheatsheet To Nazaré For The Biggest Waves

Nazaré is most known for their biggest waves in the world but there are many other great things it has to offer.

If you love the beach, shopping, hamburgers, pastries and seafood, then you should definitely travel to Nazaré, Portugal! It is an experience of a lifetime.

SEE: Praia do Norte and Farol de Nazaré

When in Nazaré it is a must to see the biggest waves in the world. Praia do Norte is famous for all the surfers that ride these 100 feet waves. Prime time to see these waves are October and November. While visiting, check out the museum of all the surfers and their surf boards that concurred these humongous waves. Tip: visit Farol de Nazaré lighthouse to get the best view of the waves.  

SEE: Nazaré Beach

If you want to tan, swim, play soccer, or watch a soccer game then head over the Nazaré beach! The water is ice cold and there is a light breeze while tanning but it is absolutely gorgeous. There are tons of restaurants and shopping stores across the street. And if you get bored walk further down the beach and join in on a game of soccer or volleyball. There is a soccer stadium on the each, so why not purchase tickets and see a game as well!

SEE: Santuário de Nossa Senhora da Nazaré

Take the Funicular to the top of mountain where you pass by the beautiful birds-eye view of Nazaré beach and walk towards the city centre. There lies the beautiful church of Nazaré. Tour inside for free and light a candle. 

EAT: Restaurante O Luis Marisqueira

Since you’re near the beach why not go to a seafood restaurant where the food is beyond fresh. This restaurant is known for the best sea food in Nazaré on top of the hill. For seafood, the prices are reasonable and most meals are sharables. Tip: if you like shrimp, try the shrimp and rice entrée. And for dessert get the mint layered ice cream cake! 

EAT: Moo Hamburgueria Artesanal

If you love hamburgers this will be your life saver! Moo Hamburgueria Artesanal has the best burgers ever! Red meet is fresher in Portugal therefore these burgers will top any burgers you ever had in America. But if you do not eat red meat, do not worry, they have many chicken options or vegetarian options. And if you aren’t even hungry, just try the sangria! Tip: if you bring your own large container/jar they will let you take sangria home!

EAT: O SR. Crepe

If you are going to get a crepe anywhere in Nazaré, it has to be from Mr. Crepe! He is the sweetest old man that puts TLC into making crepes. Be aware that the line may be super long but goes by quickly. Trust me these crepes are worth the wait!

EAT: O Reidas Farturas, Farturas E Churros

When in Portugal you must try Farturas, they’re are thick, cinnamon, fried bread that looks like a churro but taste way better than a churro. This farturas truck has options of getting farturas, farturas with chocolate, churros, or coffee. The prices are very cheap so might as well try all options!

DRINK: Bingo Da Nazaré

Bingo is definitely not just for the elderly, especially in Nazaré. The Bingo Club, is an old fashion place where you bet and play to win money. You can smoke, have a cocktail and play a fun but competitive game of bingo with a whole lot of people. Tip: the game is spoken in Portuguese but no fear, there is a number board. Also, it is cash only.

SHOP: Mira – Loja

If you are looking for beach bags and beachy clothes, head over to Mira (Av. da Republica 47, 2450-106 Nazaré, Portugal) where there on tons of pretty boutique style clothes to buy for a reasonable prices. Straw bags are a must have in the summer and Mira has side small straw bags, big beachy ones and medium going out ones! Definitely take a look at this store.

STAY: Nazaré Beach Area

The best area to stay in is definitely the Nazaré beach area. It is closest to the shops, restaurants and nightlife. The funicular is just a short walk away if you want to go up the hill and it is also colder up there. In the beach area, it is more lively and entertaining to walk around. There is nothing better than waking up and seeing the beach from your window!

Anastasia Vazquez


Anastasia loves exploring the world, animals, reading books, writing, fashion, and laying on a beach on a hot summer day. She has explored most of the United States, some European and many Caribbean countries. She loves being in new places, trying authentic food, talking to locals, and living in the moment.

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