8 Of The Best & Tastiest Bakeries In Porto

Enjoy some of Porto’s signature sweet treats while exploring the city.

While Porto is best known for its delicious wine, francesinha is a one-of-a-kind pastry you shouldn’t miss out on either. When in Portugal, make sure to try the iconic pastel de nata, an iconic custard tart that tastes even better with a dust of cinnamon. Here are eight of the best bakeries in Porto; each with its own unique charm and sugary flavors.


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Padaria Ribeiro

Multiple locations

Established in 1878, Padaria Ribeiro is a testament to over a century of baking mastery. With its history-making mark of excellence, this bakery is filled with stories from the past and traditions. Order the classic almond pie or sigh cake – a chocolate cake topped with berries. With several locations all over Porto, Maia, and Matosinhos; this establishment is recognized for its mouthwatering delights.

Padaria Ribeiro best bakeries in porto
Photo by Padaria Ribeiro Facebook

Nova Real Pastry Shop

R. da Prelada 132, 4250-375 Porto, Portugal

Away from the city noise, Confeitaria Nova Real is celebrated for its high quality pastries. The contemporary interior, friendly and welcoming atmosphere have quickly made this spot a favorite among visitors. Its fruit tarts and moist cakes showcase the bakery’s versatility and skills. Confeitaria Nova Real also prepares customized cakes for birthdays, holidays, and special occasions. Nothing goes to waste here as it is all donated to those in need every day.

Nova Real best bakeries in porto
Photo by Confeitaria Nova Real Facebook

Confeitaria Do Bolhão

R. Formosa 339, 4000-252 Porto, Portugal

Conveniently located across the street from the acclaimed Bolhão Market, Confeitaria do Bolhão is a bustling bakery that captures Porto’s lively market culture. Its classic decor makes it a popular place for both locals and travelers. The signatures are bolo rei, cachitos, and tigelinhas do bolhão. Whether you’re exploring the market or looking for a quick bite, Confeitaria do Bolhão offers an authentic taste of Porto’s pastry scene.

Confeitaria do Bolhao Facebook
Photo by Confeitaria Do Bolhão Facebook

Confeitaria Sta. Catarina

R. de Santa Catarina 303, 4000-433 Porto, Portugal

A short walk from Confeitaria Do Bolhão is Confeitaria Sta. Catarina, situated on the busy Rua de Santa Catarina. Its location is perfect for people watching while enjoying delightful desserts. Certainly ideal for those who love doughnuts, fruit tarts, and freshly baked bread. The cozy atmosphere and classic interior is made for taking a break from sightseeing.

Confeitaria Santa Catarina Facebook
Photo by Confeitaria Sta. Catarina Facebook

Confeitaria São Domingos

Largo São Domingos 37, 4050-545 Porto, Portugal

Confeitaria São Domingos is a charming bakery known for its warm, inviting atmosphere. It’s adored by locals looking for a quiet place to indulge their favorite pastries. Influenced by Venezuelan baking techniques, a main focus is using clean ingredients while keeping guests’ health in mind. Opened since the 1950s, Confeitaria São Domingos is a throwback experience while relaxing from exploring the city.

Confeitaria sao domingo best bakeries in porto
Photo by Confeitaria São Domingos Website

Bread and Brunch

R. Prof. Bento de Jesus Caraça 251, 4200-131 Porto, Portugal

Bread and Brunch combines the best of traditional baking with a modern brunch concept. The sleek, modern interior along with a laidback ambiance calls for leisurely breakfasts and brunches. This establishment prides itself on using filtered water, organic yeast, and natural sea salt to prepare every dough. Travelers can expect to find everything from cheesecake, focaccia, profiteroles, pizza, to sandwiches.

Bread and Brunch Website
Photo by Bread and Brunch Website

Padeirinha Doce

R. de Augusto Rosa 46, 4000-098 Porto, Portugal

A short walk from Porto Cathedral is Padeirinha Doce, a beloved neighborhood bakery known for friendly service and homey vibe. The establishment’s simple yet cozy space is magnificent to devour a variety of baked goods. This hidden gem offers a truly local experience, with homemade items on the menu.

Padeirinha Doce best bakeries in porto
Photo by Padeirinha Doce Facebook

Seara Doce Porto

R. do Duque de Loulé 247, 4000-324 Porto, Portugal

After enjoying the iconic francesinha from Café Santiago, walk over to Seara Doce Porto for dessert. This bakery prides itself on using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients at an affordable price. From fresh artisan bread to traditional pastries, there is a wide variety of delectable baked goods. Here, guests can unwind on a quiet morning or afternoon while indulging in some of the best cakes and biscuits that Porto has to offer.

Seara Doce best bakeries in porto
Photo by Seara Doce Porto Facebook
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