Porto: Here’s Where Locals Go Shopping!

Whether you happen to be a first-time visitor or long-time admirer of this wonderful city, here are my top five boutiques you must shop at in Porto!

Photo: Facebook/KusKatstudio

Hi there! My name is Katelijn Smissaert, founder of KusKatStudio, based out of Porto, Portugal. As you can probably guess from my last name, I am not originally from Portugal. I arrived at Porto eight years ago on my bicycle from my native Belgium, finishing almost two months of traveling. Traveling has made me stronger personally and helped spur my creativity; plus it’s a great way to meet new people. I’ve come to learn about alternative ways of living, and appreciating people and their cultural experiences.

Like the KusKat characters I’ve created that adorn my products, they could not have come to life if not for the beautiful city of Porto (also known as Oporto). From the colorful array of tiles and buildings that line each street to the vibrant beauty each man and woman naturally exudes, this city is rife with excitement and culture. It’s evident in the lovely detail and precision craftsmanship of its local handcrafted traditions and countless shops. Wandering, encountering, and pushing to discover new horizons – along with sustainability and respect for one’s surroundings – these are the overlapping themes that make traveling and creativity intricately interconnected, which are qualities I wholeheartedly embrace.

So, whether you happen to be a first-time visitor or long-time admirer of this wonderful city, here are my top five boutiques you must shop at in Porto!

1. Coração de Alecrim

Travessa de Cedofeita, 28, Porto Portugal (map, website)

Coração de Alecrim is not just a shop; it’s a lifestyle. Portuguese for “heart of rosemary,” I love shopping here for its sustainability and respect for its surroundings. I also love their style choices, which are simple, beautiful and natural. One of those well-hidden wandering places, that by night turns into a very crowded and popular spot!

2. Violet & Ginger 

Largo São Domingos 99, 4050-485 Porto, Portugal (map, website)

Violet & Ginger is a feminine boutique that features a lovely collection of apparel from various designers and styles, including boho-chic and vintage. The staff is very friendly and I’m always delighted to pass by there. Located close to the old heritage center and next to a new dynamic area of Rua das Flores (Street of Flowers), this shop has everything you need, from fashionable apparel and jewelry to ceramics and shoes.

Facebook Violet & Ginger Porto Portugal
Photo: Facebook/Violet & Ginger

3. Daily Day

Praça General Humberto Delgado 263, 4000-288, Porto Portugal (map, website)

I love the fashion, design, concept, and overall minimalist modern style that Daily Day presents.

This beautiful shop is located next to the heart of Porto Centre and is one of the great new urban concept stores of Oporto.

4. Ó! Galeria

Rua Miguel Bombarda, 61, 4050-380 Porto, Portugal (map, website)

Ó! Galeria is not necessarily a boutique, but it’s still worth a visit. It has a wide variety of works by Portuguese artist, along with monthly gallery exhibitions and a beautiful shop, of course! It’s a place where you can easily wander about and get lost in beautiful and fantastic creative illustrations. It’s located on Rua Miguel Bombarda, one of the most artistic and happening spots of the city. There are plenty of art galleries, designer shops, boutiques, restaurants, and much more in this area, so don’t forget to shop and explore this amazing commercial center!

Ó! Galeria Porto Portugal
Photo: ogaleria.com

5. Almada 13

Rua do Almada 13, 4050 – 036 Porto, Portugal (map, website)

Almada 13 is a combination of six different shops from Porto; showcasing everything from Portuguese fashion to artisanal artwork. I love this place because of all the different and unique styles that can be found here, all in one department store. Plus there’s a nice café where you can read your magazine and sip a lovely cup of tea.

Facebook Almada 13 Porto, Portugal
Photo: Facebook/Almada 13

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