7 Souvenirs To Score In Lisbon & Where To Get Them

Leave your luggage empty to stuff it with these goodies!

The best part about traveling to Portugal is the affordable shopping that you can do in every city you visit. Boutiques filled with locally handcrafted items line the streets in major shopping areas. It’s highly recommended that while packing for your trip, leave a portion empty for a variety of souvenirs you’ll bring back for family and friends. In addition to things you can decorate in your home, there are edibles in this list to satiate your taste buds. Have fun browsing and spending!

1. Port Wine

portugese wine
PHOTO Wendy Hung

The most obvious Portuguese souvenir must be the local port wine. You don’t have to travel specifically to Porto to discover lovely port wines. As the single producer and birthplace of port wine, you want to find ones that are made uniquely in the Douro Valley which is situated in the north. The taste is sweet, while the color is often red, and it’s typically served as a dessert wine.

Ports are produced from grapes in Douro then fortified by the a neutral grape spirit: aguardente which stops the fermentation. The process leaves residual sugar in the wines, and increases the alcohol level. The fortification is sometimes referred to as brandy but it’s still quite different. Ports are stored and aged in barrels before bottling. In Lisbon, the best place to taste ports is Lisbon Winery where you can choose which bottle to purchase after tastings.

2. Ceramic Tiles: Azulejos

portugal souvenirs
PHOTO Wendy Hung

Another obvious souvenir to bring home from Portugal is ceramic tiles: azulejos. You don’t have to be an antique fanatic to appreciate the craftsmanship. As you walk through the streets of any Portuguese city, you’ll witness churches, castles and alleyways covered in beautiful ceramic tiles. Most of the ones you see will be in blue and white that portray Portugal’s history, but you’ll see them in a wide range of colors in many shops. In Lisbon, check out Solar for the best collection of azulejos.

3. Cork Accessories


You might not notice this until you’re actually in Portugal, but cork accessories overtake every store window. As the world’s leading exporter of cork, 1/3 of Portugal is covered by cork oak trees then fabricated into travel and fashion accessories. The material is durable and light-weight. If you’re interested, find more cork accessories on Jetset Times SHOP.

4. Olive Oil


Where there’s wine, there are olive trees! Since there are six olive growing regions in Portugal, bringing home a bottle of inexpensive olive oil is a must! There are seven olive varieties that make Portuguese olive oil expansive. From sweet and mild, to bitter and intensive. Each can be perfect for either salads or cooking meat. I’m still currently drizzling salads with the olive oil I bought in Portugal, and the whiff remains so intense every time I open the bottle! In Lisbon, check out OliStori for a fantastic collection.

5. Embroidery

A Vida Portuguesa
Facebook/A Vida Portuguesa

One of my favorite things to purchase in Portugal is the local embroidery. During every trip, I seem to buy a few for my home. The handmade bed sheets or table cloths are inexpensive and beautifully crafted! Visit A Vida Portuguesa to make your home a little prettier!

6. Natas

PHOTO Wendy Hung

As promised, there are edibles on this list you should bring along with you! There’s no shortage of delicious treats in Portugal, but the most famous egg tarts or natas belong at Pastéis de Belém. The size of each tart is literally 2 bites, so why not get a case to share with others!

7. Portuguese Liquor: Ginjinha

A Ginjinha Espinheira
Facebook/A Ginjinha Espinheira

Ginjinha is a sweet cherry-esque liquor usually served in a dark chocolate cup. The ginja berry is such a delight, and the bottles are usually filled with marinated berries inside. Since they’re so tasty, be careful while sipping it. They might go down easy, but you might be sorry later! In Lisbon, stop by A Ginjinha for a taste!

Wendy Hung


As the founder of Jetset Times, Wendy is an avid traveler and fluent in five languages. When she's not traveling, Wendy calls Paris and Taipei home. Her favorite countries so far from her travels have been: Bhutan, Iran, and St. Bart's because they were all so different!

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