8 Super Fun Nightclubs In Lisbon

From Pink Street to LuxFrágil, these nightclubs in Lisbon offer something for everyone.

Lisbon is a metropolis known for its legendary nightlife scene, lively nightclubs, and progressive attitudes. Similar to Spain, partygoers hit the streets between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. A fun night out can last until the sun rises. A notable mention is Pink Street situated in the city center, it beams with spirited bars and clubs. Whether you’re a fan of techno beats or eclectic mixes, Lisbon offers a diverse array of nightclubs that cater to every music taste.


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Av. Infante D. Henrique a Sta Apolónia Cais da Pedra, Armazém A, 1950-376 Lisboa, Portugal

Located in Santa Apolónia, LuxFrágil is a short walk from the National Pantheon and Tagus river. This spacious nightclub is mostly known for playing international artists along with fan-favorite techno and alternative rock songs. Travelers can expect to find affordable high-quality, refreshing cocktails to keep the party going all night long. Partygoers can choose between its two lively dance floors to sizzle the night away.

Lux Fragil nightclub in Lisbon
Photo by LuxFrágil Facebook

K Urban Beach Club

Cais da Viscondessa, 1200-109 Lisboa, Portugal

Brothers João and Gonçalo Rocha opened K Urban Beach Club over 30 years ago. Situated on the Santos Dock and a short walk from the National Museum of Ancient Art, its waterfront location is breathtaking. Travelers can swim in its pool or listen to everything from reggaeton to pop across its multiple floors, which each play a different genre. Don’t miss out on Sakana, the adjoined sushi bar offering Japanese classics along with other small dishes.

K Urban Beach nightclub in Lisbon
Photo by K Urban Beach Club Facebook

Lust in Rio

R. da Cintura do Porto de Lisboa, 1200-109 Lisboa, Portugal

Since its inception, Lust in Rio has been the go-to spot for an unforgettable night out. Travelers and locals alike frequently return thanks to its exceptional service, spirited crowds, and amazing soundtracks. What sets this nightclub apart is not the prime location or inviting atmosphere, but its dedication to ensuring every guest creates memories that last a lifetime. The interior is designed with hanging flora and fiona alongside several sparkling disco balls.

Lust in rio nightclub in Lisbon
Photo by Lust in Rio Facebook

Dock’s Club

Rua Da Cintura Do Porto De Lisboa Edif., 226, Arm. H, Lisboa, Portugal

Dock’s Club is a nightclub located on the Alcântara dock and is made for everyone who wants a memorable night. The space encompasses six bars, three private VIP areas, a terrace, and sweeping dance floor. Dock’s Club has reinvented itself over the years, always maintaining its multifaceted character. Considered one of the top choices for Lisbon nightlife, this hotspot offers a little bit of all genres. SEE MORE: All The Food You Must Eat In Portugal (And Why).

The docks club
Photo by Dock’s Club Facebook

Plateau Lisbon Club

Escadinhas da Praia 7, 1200-769 Lisboa, Portugal

Plateau nightclub in Lisbon
Photo by Plateau Facebook

Plateau is one the most iconic nightclubs in Lisbon. It was the first nightclub to open next to Tagus River, where years later all the main nightclubs in Lisbon would open. Its décor is inspired by Buddhism, uses Earth tones and warm lighting to create a tranquil but cool environment. Night owls can expect to hear soul, reggae, rock, and pop hits. Every Wednesday is girls night, where ladies get three free drinks. On Fridays and Saturdays, classics from the 70s, 80s, and 90s are blasted.

Musicbox Lisboa

R. Nova do Carvalho 24, 1200-019 Lisboa, Portugal

Open for over 15 years, Musicbox Lisboa is a hybrid between a concert hall and nightclub. It’s recognized for giving visibility to small local and international artists. Situated on Pink Street, it’s housed in a vast warehouse-style venue with a projector and colorful strobe lights. This club is at the epicenter of the work developed by Cultural Trend Lisbon, a company dedicated to production of self-sustainable, independent and multidisciplinary cultural content.

Musicbox nightclub in Lisbon
Photo by Musicbox Lisboa Facebook

Ministerium Club

Praça do Comércio 72, 1100-016 Lisboa, Portugal

Open since 2012, Ministerium Club is housed in the former Portuguese Ministry of Finance. Over time, this club has become a hotspot for house and techno music. There are weekly events offering electronic hits alongside local artists. For avid music lovers, the club also runs a vinyl-only label ever since 2017, called Ministerium Records. Its spacious dance floor is decorated with hanging disco balls and vibrant strobe lights.

Ministerium nightclub in Lisbon
Photo by Ministerium Club Facebook


R. Poiais de São Bento 37, 1200-346 Lisboa, Portugal

For over 30 years, Incógnito has been the go-to spot for indie lovers. The relatively small space is always full of spirited dancers. Partygoers can expect to hear everything from indie, synthpop, disco, house, new wave, cold wave, to electronic hits. Similar to other bars and nightclubs in Lisbon, smoking is allowed inside. Its walls are filled with records, paintings, and a cluster of iridescent disco balls hang in the center of the dance floor.

Incognito nightclub in Lisbon
Photo by Incógnito Facebook
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