3 Of The Best Bars To Vibe At In Lagos

You can do all three in one night!

Top Lagos Bars
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When people think of the Algarve they do not necessarily think about what to do at night besides having dinner. But Lagos actually has one of the liveliest nightlife scenes where the parties don’t stop until the sun comes up. Check out these top three places to enjoy a night out while visiting Lagos. Fun Fact: I went to all these places in one night!

1. Bon Vivant

Bon Vivant
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This bar has one of the best red sangrias in Lagos! Bon Vivant has four floors including an outdoor rooftop with four bars on each floor. The first bar when you walk in is where the DJ is. The nights start off slow but once it hits 12 a.m – 2 a.m., Bon Vivant is at its peak of the night and the music get better while the crowd expands larger!

2. Black Cat

Barblackcat Lagos
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Black Cat is usually known for its boat parties but it also has a bar. This is a smaller bar with good music and strong drinks! Since it’s so small, it can get tight and claustrophobic at some point. Do not be alarmed, there is an upstairs and people tend to hangout outside on the terrace where you can still hear the music. Fun fact: on the second floor, there is a foosball table which ignites very competitive games for money. It gets intense at Black Cat!

3. Grand Café

Grand Café
Facebook Grand Café

When other Bars are too crowded or dying down, Grand Café is the place to go to. There is a huge bar and an even bigger dance floor. They play awesome music and it almost feels like you’re at a rave. The party does not stop until 4 a.m.! This is the only place with an entrance fee of 5 Euros because it is the most popular place to go to at 2 a.m. Once this places closes, people either party in the street until 6 a.m., go home, or go to the next club that closes at sunrise.

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