Bars & Clubs Repping Lima’s Nightlife Scene

Lima’s nightlife scene comes with bars and lounges focusing on the science of mixology.

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Lima’s nightlife scene is only complete with options of sizzling nightclubs and tasty cocktails inspired by the city’s rising gastronomy. You’ll find most of them featuring renowned DJs spinning electronic and house beats. If you’re confused on where to go, just remember: Barranco and Miraflores are where you’ll find the party crowds. In downtown districts such as San Isidro behold chic bars and lounges. Cheers!

Capitan Melendez – cocktail bar

Neighborhood: Miraflores

Bar Capitan Melendez
FACEBOOK Bar Capitan Melendez

Owner and manager of Capitan Melendez, Roberto, has so much fun inventing contemporary takes on Peruvian classics. The spot is homey as if you’re stepping into someone’s personal bar.

El Dragóncultural bar

Neighborhood: Barranco

Originally a manor house in Barranco, El Dragón hosts a great mix of crowd. The night always turns into a fun dance party in a vintage colonial-style setting. The vibe is funk, Latin, rock and a bit of jazz.

La Nochelive music

Neighborhood: Barrios Altos

La Noche de Barranco - Lima
FACEBOOK La Noche de Barranco – Lima

La Noche is a bar in Barranco for artists with live concerts, plays, events, comedy standup shows at a venue opened by a Spanish-Peruvian couple.

Gotica – electro club

Neighborhood: Miraflores


Gotica is across the street from another sizzling night club Aura is Gotica in Larcomar. Gotica always has a lineup of amazing electronic/house DJ’s so check out the website for special events. Make sure to dress to impress!

Aura – fancy & exclusive club

Neighborhood: Miraflores


Just like Gotica (across the street), Aura is a hot club in Lima. Make sure not to arrive before 1am. It’ll always be packed on weekends, and there are multiple bars inside.

Huaringas Bar – pisco drinks

Neighborhood: Miraflores

Huaringas Bar Lima
FACEBOOK Huaringas Bar Lima

Huaringas Bar is upstairs of the famous eatery “Las Brujas de Cachiche”, Huaringa Bar is where you can try a huge variety of modern takes on the classic pisco sour. The vibe is urban cool, captivating the cool Miraflores crowd.

Cala Restaurant Bar & Lounge – beach bar

Neighborhood: Barranco

CALA Restaurante & Lounge
FACEBOOK CALA Restaurante & Lounge

Situated in the Barranco district, you may have heard of Cala for its exceptional food but the bar and lounge area is right on the waterfront, completely chic with a splash of dreamy.

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