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From an island just off the coast of Iquitos in Amazonia to the bustling Cusco.

Facebook/Central Restaurante

Sustainable natural foods grown in new, environmentally friendly ways to traditional regional cuisines and classic national dishes, Peru is unquestionably one of the world’s top destinations for foodie enthusiasts. The delicious and innovative dishes that have delighted travelers for years on end can be found in every corner of this beautiful country, from a lovely island just off the coast of Iquitos in Amazonia to the bustling city of Cusco, situated high in Andean altitude. There is something for everyone looking for great eats in this amazing culinary-rich country. Here are the top five stops that you must try to eat across Peru!

1. Central 

Santa Isabel 376 Miraflores Lima, Peru, 15074 (map, website)

Consistently rated as one of the world’s best restaurants, Central is not only considered Lima’s most coveted dining experience, but ranks as one of the continent’s crowning jewels as a true culinary delight. Chef Virgilio Martínez Véliz spent more than ten years learning from top culinary masters in Europe and Asia, and has used that knowledge to craft his own unique style and hone his vision of serving sustainable and vertical ecological foods. This environmentally friendly approach allows sustainable foods to flourish and natural flavors to dazzle taste buds, which is why the restaurants features a rooftop garden where fresh vegetables and herbs are picked daily. Don’t forget to try the restaurant’s unique take on cuy (suckling pig), a Peruvian classic, reimagined with pears, mustard and tomate de árbol.

Facebook/Central Restaurante

Huaraz – Taita

Larrea & Laredo 633, Huaraz, Peru (map) 

No matter where your day may take you, you’re guaranteed to hear the name of Taita proudly extolled by locals and tourists alike as THE can’t-miss dining experience in Huaraz! Located on the second floor of the building, Taita is renowned for its choncho, akin to ceviche but with lupine (Andean legumes) rather than fish. Don’t forget to try their leche de tigre (ceviche juice) and chicharrónes (deep-fried pork rinds). The restaurant’s décor is covered from top-to-bottom with historical photos of sport teams, beauty queens and school classes.

Arequipa – La Nueva Palomino

Leoncio Prado 122, Arequipa, Peru (map, website)

Picantería restaurants are eateries that serve traditional Arequipan cuisine and beverages, including chupe de camarones (shrimp), ocopa Arequipeña, rocoto relleno (stuffed chili), cuy chactado (guinea pig) and, of course, chica de jora (corn beer). One of the fascinating facts about these eateries is that the lunch menu has remained relatively unchanged since the time of Spanish colonial rule. Depending on the day of the week, you’re guaranteed to enjoy Chauqe (Monday), Chairo (Tuesday), Chochoca (Wednesday), special regional stew (Thursday), special regional soup (Friday), Timpusca (Saturday), and a white broth with pebre lions and adobo (Sunday) for lunch. There are picanterías everywhere, but an especially popular one is La Nueva Palomino. Don’t leave the city without eating here!

Facebook/La Nueva Palomino

Cusco –  La Quinta Eulalia

Calle Choquechaca 384, Cusco, Peru (map, website)

For over half a century, La Quinta Eulalia has been the picantería of choice for Cusco residents – and for good reason! For a day of serious tasty eats, this little restaurant boasts a lovely courtyard patio and an outdoor menu written in chalk, highlighting phenomenal dishes that include roast lamb and alpaca, plus a unique twist on the classic rocotto relleno (spicy peppers filled with savory beef slices, peas, carrots and delicious cheese atop). Not to mention, this is the go-to spot to order cuy in all of Cusco!

【CUSCO GOURMET】 「Quinta Eulalia」(キンタ エウラリア 09.2016) This is a very tipical authentic Peruvian restaurant in Cusco. There were a lot of local people out for lunch. I could have very nice domestic food here. ”Lechon”is a baked pork in the oven. Crispy & juicy. クスコでのランチは、創業67年を誇るこちらへ。 メインは”レチョン”。豚のオーブン焼きだ。シンプルに塩や香辛料で下味をつけた豚肉をオーブンで焼くだけ。皮はパリッと、身はジューシー。骨も入ったままのワイルドな姿で登場する。 この店の人気料理らしく、真っ先に売り切れとなった。 付け合わせは、タマルという蒸したトウモロコシの粉。中にオリーブが入っていた 。ほんのり塩が効いた素朴な味。あとはお約束のジャガイモ。 ジャガイモとトウモロコシはペルー人の主食だからね。(ちなみにペルー料理のレストランで、パンはほとんど出てこない) #travelglam #旅 #trip #travel #worldheritage #cusco #PERU #quintaeulalia #ペルー料理 #chuno #クスコ #世界遺産 #lechon #レチョン #キンタエウラリア #foodie #food

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Iquitos – Al Frío y Fuego

Avenida La Marina 138, Iquitos, Peru (map, website) 

If you’re a foodie in search of delicious eats and a view that is just as appetizing as the menu, then look no farther than Al Frío y Fuego! Situated on a small island on the Río Itaya in Iquitos, this restaurant serves mouth-watering fresh-from-the river seafood cuisine, with an emphasis on tasty doncella (native fish from the river), as well as tasty parrillas (grills). For the true foodie enthusiast, this floating paradise is reachable only by boat from Iquitos.


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