Why Inti Raymi, An Ancient Incan Festival Is A Can’t-Miss!

Inti Raymi is the second largest festival in South America, only behind Carnival.

21 Ceremony at Sacsayhuaman
Photo: Jerry Alonzo Leon

Every year, hundreds of thousands of revelers make their way to Peru for one of the biggest festivals in all of South America. People from all over the world, from partygoers to culture enthusiasts, head to Cusco to celebrate the world renowned Inti Raymi, an ancient festival that dates back to the time of the mighty Inca Empire.

For nine whole days, leading up to the winter solstice on June 24, the streets of Cusco are filled with live music, street fairs, non-stop dancing and singing, incredible expositions and street parade processions, delicious eats and much more. It’s a centuries-old religious ceremony that involves thousands of actors, all re-enacting the ancient Incan tradition of worshipping the venerated sun god Inti, which culminates in a climatic close at nearby Sacsayhuaman with a (mock) animal sacrifice.

It’s a fascinating event to witness firsthand and unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It’s easy to see why Inti Raymi is the second largest festival in South America, only behind Carnival, of course. Flip through the image gallery and see why this ancient festival is the one you need to hit up!


Jerry Alonzo Leon


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