A Neighborhood Guide In Muscat: Where Travelers Should Stay

These neighborhoods offer a variety of activities with close proximity to major landmarks.

As Muscat becomes one of the most exciting places to visit, it’s easy to become overwhelmed while deciding which neighborhood is best suited for your travel needs. We’ve broken it down to two major areas that cater to different types of visitors, so you can enjoy the city’s lovely sites as well as indulging in tasty local cuisine.

How many days? You can stay in Muscat anywhere from two days up to three days for a well-rounded vacation.


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If you prefer a scenic neighborhood to stay in Muscat, then opt for Mutrah where Mutrah Souq is an exciting place to be, especially for travelers seeking to bring home local souvenirs. It’s emblematic of a traditional Arab market, with a plethora of vendors selling Omani textiles, spices, accessories, snacks, antiques…and more. Bartering is expected here, and don’t forget to sip on Arabian coffee at one of the café stands at the entrance of the market.

Not too far away from the souq is The Corniche – a three-kilometer stretch of promenade with a charming vista of Omani buildings, along with mosques on the waterfront. Here is a good mix of old and new, travelers can discover globally-renowned restaurants as well as Omani cafés. It’s a delightful spot to take a break, snack on some local fruits and witness dhows anchor as fishermen transport their catch of the day to the market.

Muttrah neighborhood Muscat Oman
Photo by Adil Riyami on Unsplash

Another popular neighborhood for travelers to stay at is Al Qurum, just north of the city surrounded by many malls, restaurants and parks. Making it ideal for families and visitors that seek for suburban ambiance. The nearby Marah Park and Al Qurum National Park are both perfect for outdoor space. Qurum Beach makes a lovely stroll, especially for sun lovers. The available housing options here include apartments and large villas for bigger groups.

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