10 Restaurants & Places To Eat In Muscat, Oman

If you find yourself in a restaurant in Muscat, don’t leave without trying Shuwa.

Due to recent years of development, Muscat’s food scene has also been relentlessly growing. This list consists of mostly recommendations that serve Omani dishes, with a few other types of cuisines peppered here and there. There’s also a selected mix of high-end, upscale choices and casual or informal options. Here are some restaurants in Muscat that promise to satiate your stomach with hearty and tasty flavors.


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Al Angham Oman

463 Al Kharjiyah St, Muscat, Oman

One of the best fine dining restaurants cooking up delicious Omani cuisine is at the Royal Opera House. As if visiting the concert hall isn’t already a feast for the eyes, the restaurant next to it, Al Angham, is a party for the palate. The entire interior space features meticulous woodwork which reflects upon Omani heritage and art. Indulge in traditional dishes, including: Shuwa (slow roasted lamb bathed for up to 48 hours in a spice blend,) and Harees (porridge-like cracked wheat mixed with meat and seasoning.) Every plate is beautifully presented, surely a meal not to forget.

Bait Al Luban Omani Restaurant

harat a'shamal street مسقط OM MUTTRAH CORNICHE OM، 130, Oman

Right across from Mutrah Fish Market near the Corniche is Bait Al Luban Omani Restaurant, another popular choice for Omani cuisine. You might spot many tourists here, but locals also frequent this fan favorite eatery. Leaning heavier on the trendy scale, the renovated restaurant was formerly an inn constructed 140 years ago, it now serves Shuwa and Harees. Grab a seat on the balcony so you can enjoy a cup of coffee after the meal with an epic view.

Bait Al Luban
FACEBOOK Bait Al Luban

Al Khiran Kitchen

a Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Al Bustan Palace, 114, Oman

Normally, a buffet restaurant wouldn’t make this list. But the one at Ritz-Carlton is certainly an exempt. Al Khiran Kitchen displays a lavish spread of Middle Eastern and Omani traditional dishes, so curious foodies can try a little (or a lot) of everything. From savory dishes, fresh seafood platters, curries, hot grills to delectable desserts right by an infinity pool and breathtaking gardens that create an even more sophisticated buffet experience.

Ubhar Restaurant

Al Kharjiyah St مسقط OM, 100, Oman

Ubhar’s name comes from an ancient city buried in southern Muscat. The restaurant focuses on Omani traditional dishes but what makes it so unique is the modern twists. Authentic Shuwa is made into a panini-style sandwich. Colorful Madrooba (porridge-like beaten rice) is ultra fragrant with spices and a blend of mashed rice. But if you prefer to have a little taste of everything, Fowala (chicken, shuwaa samosa, kofta, cheese & mint samosa, katchuri, mandazi, salad, Moroccan tarator, hummus, and Omani bread) makes the perfect sharing starter.

Bin Ateeq

HCW9+JC7, Muscat, Oman

Bin Ateeq has multiple locations in the city, and its informal dining style makes it popular among locals and travelers. Sitting down on the carpet against pillows, the restaurants serves delicious Qabooli (Omani rice) with all kinds of meats, from chicken to fish that are either grilled or prepared with curry. This restaurant is perfect for those who truly want to experience Muscat like a local.

Bin Ateeq restaurant in Muscat Oman
INSTAGRAM @4telier

Ramssa Omani Restaurant

2050 Way 2241 Muscat PC, 114, Oman

On a more casual spectrum, Ramssa features dishes from all regions of Oman. Omani Shuwa with Qabouli rice, for example, can be eaten with your hands. The Pomegranate Salad is not only colorful but refreshing. For grilled options, don’t miss Mishkak – shrimp, chicken, or beef skewers dipped in a special Sbar (tamarind sauce.) Kark tea with saffron, cardamom and ginger is the perfect way to end your meal. Ramssa is located in the popular Qurum neighborhood, with a majlis (seating room) that truly delivers local ancestry.

Al Tanoor

Barr Al Jissah, PO Box 644, Muscat 100, Oman

At the Shangri-La, there’s Al Tanoor with a charming tent-like décor inspired by villages and souqs. Despite its menu’s selections of various Middle Eastern fare, you want to try the Omani dishes made from live stations. Don’t miss Dijaj Mashwi (chicken breasts marinated overnight in a paprika-based mixture, then chargrilled on the BBQ) or the plethora of Arabian sweets.

Dukanah Cafe

H9JX+5MQ, Muscat, Oman

Situated near Sultan Qaboos Mosque is Dukanah Cafe where early risers can grab a hearty breakfast, full of Omani favorites. In the structure of an old Omani house, the cafe is embellished with ancient textiles and woodwork. In addition to a cup of Arabian coffee, try the Rose Petal drink, made from rose petals, sugar and lime. End your meal with a Dukanah dessert, like the mashed dates or the luqaimat (Middle Eastern style doughnut balls.)

Dukanah Cafe
FACEBOOK Dukanah Cafe

Mama Halima’s Kitchen

Sayh Al Malih St, Muscat, Oman

Just like its name, eating at Halima’s Kitchen is akin to eating at a local mother’s home with African influences. Try the Chicken Yassa (a spicy dish prepared with onions and marinated meat) – a dish originally from Senegal. Or the Domoda (peanut stew,) the national dish of Gambia. There’s also the West African Fufu (boiled, pounded, and rounded into balls.) You can also follow the restaurant’s YouTube channel to see how the dishes are made.

Baba Salem Restaurant

JFFR+H6F, Muscat, Oman

One can’t come to Oman and not have a proper kebab. Baba Salem Restaurant is where to order these perfect skewers. The entrance with outdoor seating under trees exude a down-to-earth invitation. Since Baba Salem is a Turkish restaurant, don’t forget to order its signature Pasha Kebab Mutton, the saucy Izmir Kebab and fluffy flatbreads.

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