Day Trip: Creating My Own Experience In Moss

Initially, Moss, Norway simply served as a resting place to break up my train ride from Oslo to Gottenburg.


According to my research, there is nothing to do here (“There are 0 Things To Do in Moss” the query read). The following are a few things to experience that I’d advise looking into, regardless of the place you’re visiting. Sometimes a back alley coffee shop or a hike through the woods will prove more fulfilling and memorable than a visit to a city’s most frequented tourist sites.

Experience Nature

Since my hotel sat about three miles away from the Oslofjörd, I figured I’d find something to do. So I strapped on my running shoes and ran to the beach. I had to carry my speedo in my hand the whole way there and change in the reeds since I didn’t have a towel, but the dip in the fjörd provided ample refreshment for all of my efforts.

Experience Cuisine

Food in Scandinavia is extremely expensive. A hot dog and coke at “7-Eleven” comes at a price of around ten U.S. dollars. Gourmet food restaurants, despite the price, are definitely worth a visit. They are known to serve up some of the finest delicacies in the world. Since I had foregone four of six daily meals in the days leading up to my stop in Moss in order to conserve funds, I figured I deserved some decent food. I headed to Bare Restaurant & Café for a delightful three-course meal. The starter came out as a bit of smoked salmon dotting a salad decorated with blackberry vinaigrette. Following that, the main course of sirloin steak atop grilled tomatoes and potatoes. The cherry on top of the whole meal was their special ice cream sundae of the day. The two scoops of delicious vanilla ice cream topped with blueberries and a mixed berry sauce made the meal complete.

Experience Local Culture

Just down the way from the café where I ate dinner sits Café Riis, a popular spot for young people to come and hang out on the patio on summer evenings. Although it may seem quite intimidating to try to breach one of the groups of Norwegian young professionals and students, it’s always worth giving it a shot. Nothing ventured, nothing gained…right? Being a surfer from California helps to break the ice as well.


Louis Alcorn

As a San Diego native, Louis lives by his ultimate travel tip: take a minute in each place you visit to collect your thoughts and write them down. They tend to be invaluable when you look back in the future.

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