Don’t Miss These Places (& Bitterballens) In Amsterdam

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Overflowing bicycle structures, endless canals, and bitterballens.

This past winter break, I had the amazing opportunity to travel through Paris, London, and Amsterdam. Out of these three cities, I have to say Amsterdam was by far my favorite. The overflowing bicycle structures, endless canals, and bitterballens are only a few reasons I fell in love with this one of a kind city. Here are some must-see places and experiences that any traveler in Amsterdam should experience.

Wynand Fockink Proeflokaal

Down the alley behind the National Monument on the Dam square in Amsterdam, is Wynand Fockink. The small-hole in the wall exterior of this liqueur shop is only an illusion to the expansive array of homemade liqueurs offered inside. Wynand Focking is owned by two brothers, who share a passion for creating the most unique, and tasteful liqueur you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Within the authentic, 17th century tasting tavern, customers are acquainted with an individualistic experience to taste liqueurs created by the same 17th century traditional craft methods. The Old Dutch liquors range from Almond Cookies Liqueur, Chocolat Liqueur, and Mandarin Liqueur. If you ever find yourself at Wynand Fockink, the number one rule is to drink the old fashioned way: bowing to the drink and slurping the first sip.

Farmer’s Market on Noordermarkt

There is nothing like the energetic, and colorful atmosphere of this market. Considered one of the trendiest spots in Amsterdam, you can find everything from vintage records, edible grass, to hand-crafted jewelry and handbags. Every Saturday, there are three markets in one: the Boerenmarkt farmers market, the Noordermarkt, and just around the corner the Lindengrachtmarkt. It is definitely a great spot to start off your morning to walk around, while observing the people, culture, and immersing yourself in the great smells of fresh, baked snacks and bitterballens.

Electric Ladyland

Electric Ladyland is by far one of the coolest, eccentric spots in Amsterdam. It is the first museum of fluorescent art, where visitors not only experience the art, but become a part of the piece of Art. You’ll never experience another museum like it. As one visitor said, “It is less of a museum and more of a trippy coagulation of insane colors”. The two artists who started Electric Ladyland envision it as a place where participants immerse themselves and participate in the art, an experience they call “Participatory Art”. It is The place is exploding with avant-garde images, vivid colors, and glowing rocks. It is definitely not the everyday museum experience, so if you find yourself trying to find something out of the ordinary to do, Electric Ladyland is the place to go.

Amsterdam Cheese Museum

If you love and appreciate cheese the way I do, then definitely check out the Amsterdam Cheese Museum. They have all things cheese, from gouda vintage cheese, cranberry cheese, and even smoky bacon cheese spread. What’s better than learning about cheese while you can eat it at the same time. You can spend hours in their shop, trying endless and endless amount of cheese samples that will end up replacing a whole meal. I definitely recommend the Amsterdam Cheese Museum for all the cheese lovers out there in the world. And don’t worry, if you don’t have enough room in your suitcase to pack a whole wheel of cheese they can mail it to you anywhere in the world!

Yasmeen Faisal


Yasmeen currently studies Music Therapy & Human-Centered Design at UC Berkeley. Her favorite travel memory is backpacking in Peru for 6 weeks! She loves photography, film, singing & playing piano.

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