36 hours, 2 Friends: Uncovering Amsterdam’s Many Flavors

36 hours, two friends, and the city made for a weekend of Amsterdam’s adventure and discovery.

The first thing I noticed was how friendly and open-minded the Dutch people were. The city opened its arms to us, entreating us to explore its magnificent sites and bask in its undeniable charm. We also dedicated our time to uncovering the city’s best eats, and thanks to my Dutch roommate and the Amsterdam’s locals, we filled stomachs for our stomachs with authentic Dutch foods. Here are just a few of my favorite Dutch delicacies:

Fries (and mayonnaise)

Supremely popular are small stands and shops that sell nothing but French fries. Get a basket of “friet” with your choice of sauces and toppings; mayo, peanut sauce, ketchup, onion are just a few. Always fresh, not frozen, the fries with special sauce are Amsterdam’s comfort food. To be a real Dutchie, pair your fries with mayo, not ketchup.

amsterdam fries the netherlands


This long word is Dutch for sprinkles; yes, the same ones you find on cupcakes and other treats, in chocolate or fruit flavored. Not just for cakes or special occasions, haagelsaag is an everyday food. The Dutch way is to slather some butter on toast, and then top it with your favorite hagelslag flavor.

dutch food
Unsplash Karly Gomez


The abundance of dairy products in the low lands may explain why the Dutch are one of the tallest populations in the world. One visit to a local grocery store will reveal the Dutchs’ love for milk products. You’ll be a kid in a candy store here if you love dairy. Cheese sells by the size of bricks, dozens of yogurt flavors, of course, lots and lots of milk.

UNSPLASH Megumi Nachev


As ubiquitous as Amsterdam’s coffee shops are Argentinean  steakhouses. While seemingly obscure, the prominence of these steakhouses—virtually one on every street—can be attributed to the Dutch peoples’ love of steak. It’s safe to say that the Dutch raise a lot of cattle, reflected in the high dairy and steak consumption. If you’re a red meat lover, Amsterdam is a place for you.


Sticky, buttery, and chewy describe Dutch stroopelwaffles, treats made of two thin waffle cookies, and held together by an addictive, caramel-like filling. The traditional way of eating these treats is to place one over a steaming cup of tea or coffee to melt and warm up the filling. Enticingly thin and sweet, it’s impossible to eat just one.

Photo by Milou Moors on Unsplash

Desiree Constance Choy

Desiree is from San Francisco, California. She is an actress, known for 13 Reasons Why (2017), I Won't Give Up (2014) and Dreality (2016).

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