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Moroccan style is heavily influenced by European and Arab countries with more risk-taking looks.

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Moroccan fashion has become a mix of traditional styles with modern looks. For example, girls often wear hijabs and are Instagrammable. Traditional pieces of clothing are becoming funkier and more colorful, as creativity and style showcase strength and pride in the Moroccan culture. While djellabas and kaftans are common pieces of clothing, Moroccan style is heavily influenced by European and Arab countries with more risk-taking looks.

Said Mahrouf


Said Mahrouf was born in Asilah in Morocco and raised in Amsterdam. He started his own label and participated in the 2007 edition of the Festimode-Casablanca Fashion Week. His aesthetic is minimalistic and extremely feminine. The silhouettes are all created by a draping technique with the intension to flatter the female body.

Bakchic (Casablanca)


This company is inspired by the energy of Casablanca and the love of Morocco. As the website reads, “The legend says that her DNA is a special mixture made of a Morocco lover, a World traveler and a Fashion doctor.” This style represents a woman looking in the past for trends of the future. All pieces are one of a kind.

Maison Moi Anan (Fez)

30 Zkak lma, Fès, Morocco


This fashion line was created by Anan Sorsutham, who began professional fashion design in Bangkok. His garments reflect the full spectrum of Thai tradition, from intricate and sophisticated to the humblest clothing.

Imane Gallaf (Rabat)

Sect 21, Bloc F, No.5، Rabat, Morocco


Imane Gallaf is a self-taught Moroccan Kaftan designer. Her interest in creating Moroccan Kaftan started during her university education in Dubai making Moroccan Kaftan to herself and her sisters, later widening the circle by selling her Kaftans to family, friends, and neighbors. She opened her couture atelier in 2017 to meet the growing demand attracting women from her circle. Each Kaftan is a unique copy, a one-of-a-kind piece which combines top quality with a sensational, glamorous look, allowing you to be the star of any occasion.

Amine Bendriouich (Marrakech)

81, Derb Nkhal،, Rahba Lakdima, Marrakesh 40030, Morocco


Amine Bendriouich puts a unisex spin on his colorful clothing. He loves geometric patterns and wears and designs clothing disregarding gender. As Bendriouich explains, there is historical account for unisex dressing:

“There’s this story in the Sunnah about a man and wife so poor they only owned one piece of cloth. If he had to go out to the mosque, his wife would stay home unclothed until he came back. She would then wear the same cloth to the mosque upon his return. The Prophet wasn’t shocked by this man wearing the same piece of cloth as his wife; he was saddened, though, that they were in such a situation of need. What they were wearing didn’t matter. So why does it matter today?”

Ultimately, Bendriouich says he creates a world for “free-spirited people who see the world as one.”

Kaftan Queen (Marrakech)

61 Rue Yougouslavie، Passage Ghandouri Magazin N41، Gueliz، Marrakech، Marrakesh 40000, Morocco

KAFTAN QUEEN moroccan fashion

Kaftan Queen’s style combines elements of timeless tradition with boho style. Fashions are both fashionable and comfortable to wear. Materials are locally sourced with reasonable prices.

Hanout Boutique (Marrakech)

194 Rue Mouassine, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco

HANOUT moroccan fashion

This fashion boutique in Marrakech is dedicated to modern Moroccan fashion. Cool kaftans, unique leather jackets, and fun kimonos are the staples of this company.


Rue Bab Agnoou, Passage Moulay Rachid N°88 Marrakech, Morocco

MARWA AGADIR moroccan fashion

Marwa specializes in women’s fashion and is a great place to pick up western clothing and accessories. It offers accessories to satisfy the active and modern urban clothing, and its themes combine current fashion trends with subtle touches of tradition. This store controls all stages of textile trades to production and distribution. You can find Marwa stores in major Moroccan cities.

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