EAT: Top 5 Places To Get Your Grub On In Marrakech

Keen to tagine?

There’s no denying that if you love authentic cuisine, Moroccan food is, simply put: TO-DIE-FOR. Tagines, pastillas are just a few national dishes that come with modern twists in Marrakech’s restaurants. As more travelers head to the Red City, local food scene becomes furthermore global and glamorous yet remains tastefully Moroccan. Here are some of our personal favorites:

Le Jardin

Casual Cool

Hidden in the alleys of the Medina, Le Jardin is an oasis which oozes a bohemian vibe, with Marrakech’s trendsetters. International travelers stop by here for the turtle sightings, and a chicken tagine cooked with pears rather than the usual olives and lemons. Don’t miss the pigeon pastilla, it might sound bizarre for the unadventurous folks but it’s as delectable as a sweet and savory chicken pie!

Al Fassia

Luxe Cuisine

Al Fassia is probably one of the best meals you’ll have in Marrakech. The outdoor terrace with old-school Moroccan lush decor. Make sure to reserve ahead of time because it truly is a hotspot, even with two locations. Both are equally popular in flavor and in style. Since its opening in 1987, it has topped every list as a Marrakech dining institute. Similar to Korean little plates, your meal will start with 12 mezze – a variety of tapas that span from pickled vegetables to eggplant sauces. Of course, any tagine dish here will be heavenly. But we got the giant rack of lamb that was out of this world.

Marrakech Al Fassia
Facebook/Al Fassia

Baromètre Marrakech

European Flair

Baromètre might be known for its speakeasy cocktail bar, but the chefs at its restaurant utilize molecular gastronomy to craft a perfectly balanced seasonal menu. The restaurant serves interesting, high quality food without trying to be Moroccan. Rather, the menu is more Mediterranean inspired with hints of Marrakech thrown in. Their mouthwatering lamb with ratatouille is a great example of this concept – a fabulous European dish with notes of saffron and North African spices, which perfectly integrates East and West. Other must-try dishes at Baromètre include the risotto with a clam emulsion, juicy prawns with avocado, and the heavenly chocolate ganache to finish your meal. – Gillian Rose, JST contributor.  (Gillian and I dined at Baromètre during the summer of 2018.)

Baromètre Marrakech
Facebook/Baromètre Marrakech

Restaurant Marcelona

Catalan Cookin’

Movenpick Hotel’s very own Spanish restaurant, Marcelona, is particularly exceptional. Catalan chef Jesus Nino has transmitted his love of Spanish cooking into this fun and vibrant restaurant. Nino has brought Spain to Morocco through delicious plates of paella, croquettes, Spanish tortilla, patatas bravas, and much more. And of course, sipping on some fresh sangria after a day in the sun is a great way to beat the heat. After a few days of couscous and tagine three meals a day, a night of tapas at Marcelona will surely spice up your night with a Spanish twist. – Gillian Rose, JST contributor.

Restaurant Marcelona
Restaurant Marcelona

Le Tru au Mur

Moroccan & International Fusion

Located next to Riad Farnatchi, Le Trou au Mur melds the old with the new, taking grandma’s traditional Moroccan recipes and giving them a fresh, modern twist. From slow-cooked tangia and lamb couscous to Vietnamese spring rolls and fish and chips, the varied menu combines both Moroccan and international cuisine.

Le Tru au Mur.
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