6 Tipsy Tips To Indulge Baromètre, Marrakech

Shhh…this World’s Best 50 Bar also has a super tasty restaurant inside.

Inside Morocco’s very first speakeasy cocktail bar, Baromètre embraces your presence with a host of friendly staff, darkened tables, and a shiny bar embellished with jars of grandmother’s herbs and spices- Moroccan style. Here’s how you should truly indulge in the experience. After all, there are many of these in Marrakech.

Tip 1:

Get the Crystal Meth cocktail. We can’t give away the yummy secret, but it comes in blue and it’s utterly delightful.

Tip 2: 

The menu is completely illustrated, so take your time to study it. Even if the lights are dim, feel the pages and smell the paper. They’re fun art to work into a conversation with a stranger.

Tip 3:

Watch Moroccan spices being concocted. As we mentioned earlier, the bartender uses his grandmother’s herbs and spices to come up with interesting and exotic flavors that work well with certain types of liquor.

Tip 4: 

The bar is hidden, so ask around to enter. At the very least, you’ll see a large B sign outside next to a bouncer. So maybe it isn’t so hidden?

Tip 5: 

The bar also has a tasty restaurant, and it is a must-try. Here’s why…

Tip 6: 

It infuses molecular gastronomy with Mediterranean flavors. Not bad if you’re tired of stuffing your face with tajine at every meal.

Read more of our exclusive on Baromètre written by Gillian Rose here.

Wendy Hung


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