3 Bars / Clubs In Marrakech, Do Them In This Exact Order.

Speakeasy, belly dance, then tequila shots!

If there’s one city in Morocco that really captures the spirit of glitzy soirées, it would be the sparkling Marrakech. When Gillian and I were there during summer 2018, one minute we were invited to a rooftop pool party, the next minute we were planning for Madonna’s 60th birthday party. Once Madge decided to celebrate in her riad, our crew took us to Le Kabaret Chikhats festival on the mountain top where we danced with men decked out in female wigs and dresses.

Anything can happen in Marrakech, if you’re with folks who know how to have a fancy time. In case you’re on your own or with other foreign travelers, here are three quintessential bars and/or clubs with completely different vibes, though all are made to ink unbelievable memories.

1. Barometre Marrakech – speakeasy vibes

The first speakeasy bar in Marrakech is Barometre, and we LOVED it!! The Hadni brothers started this underground gem, bringing European craft cocktail scene to a city where drinking isn’t as public. The cocktail menu is vastly creative, some are even made with Moroccan spices concocted from the bartenders’ Grandmothers’ kitchen and apothecary.

I highly suggest having pre-dinner here, then grab dinner at the Barometre restaurant because the food is equally tasty. Then head over to Comptoir for post-dinner drinks and a rowdy crowd.

Barometre Marrakech
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Comptoir Darna
Facebook/Comptoir Darna

2. Comptoir Darna – glam belly dance

For the utmost glamorous going out experience in Marrakech, you’ve gotta hit up Comptoir Darna. It is FABULOUS! Belly dancing, white wine, red lights, grand staircases, multiple floors…and did we mention clowns on stilts? Such the institution that completely lives up to lofty expectations, Comptoir Darna opened its ritzy doors in 1999 and instantly captivated a party crowd from the local elites to international visitors.

I highly recommend dining somewhere else, then come here for a post-dinner drink. Go upstairs by the bar, order a bottle of white wine, and wait for the belly dancers to come out and hype up the joint, even gliding on the bar table.

3. Theatro Night Club – party ’til dawn

After Comptoir and you’d still like the soiree vibe to continue, head to the Casino in Marrakech. Yup, just when you think gambling can’t possibly be allowed in a Muslim country, you can walk to a casino from the Comptoir. Zig zag by slot machines, you’ll arrive at Theatro Night Club where music pumps and tequila shots flow as fast as the bass busting through speakers. This is probably where your night will get hazy, and judgement fades.

If you still want to rally at 5 a.m., then someone’s riad is probably where you should go for a last night cap. Parties Marrakech are pretty fab.

Theatro Marrakech


Wendy Hung


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