11 Must-Do’s You Need To Know In Fez, Morocco

Enjoy and indulge!

The third largest city in Morocco also boasts one of the most magnificent sights: tanneries in midst of an old medina. Hailed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Fez has made a name for itself as a must-go destination for numerous travelers. Enjoy and indulge with this list of must-do’s!

1. Wander through Talaa Kebira

map fez blue gate moroccoTalaa, Fez, Morocco (map)

That famous Bab Boujeloud (Blue Gate) is here where you can access Talaa Kebeera – a massive street Fez hubbing all that medina jazz.

Lines of souks, shops, arts & crafts will feast your eyes while the experience itself is like stepping into a time machine, whisking you right back to old Fez with immense charm.

Flickr Anthony Knuppel blue gate fez morocco

Photo: Flickr/Anthony Knuppel

2. Chouara Tannery & Fes el Bali

map Chouara Tannery Fez MoroccoHay Lablida Chouara, Fez, Morocco (map)

It’ll be a stinky experience but a total must-do! Bring a scarf or a handkerchief to be ultra prepared, and you might want to set up with a guide at your hotel/hostel ahead of time to take you through the confusing alleyways to get to the tanneries.

Fez is famous for its leather goods and the sight of tanneries has become a renowned must-see in every guidebook. Chouara Tannery is located 20-30 minutes by foot from the Blue Gate.

Flickr Nick Saltmarsh tannery Fez Morocco

Photo: Flickr/Nick Saltmarsh

3. Treat yourself at Spa Laaroussa

map spa laaroussa fez morocco3 Derb Bechara, Fez, Morocco (map, website)

If you’re ever going to give yourself a treat on the road, Morocco is the place to do it since it’s famous for hammans (traditional Moroccan bath).

Public baths or local hammans can easily be found in every Moroccan city, but we highly recommend private ones where you can get the best amenities and an upscale scrub down. Spa Laaroussa is a fan favorite, and a total pamper especially for couples on honeymoons.

Spa Laaroussa Fez Morocco

Photo: Spa Laaroussa

4. Devour at Dar Ramouna

map dar ramouna fez morocco30 Derb el Amer, Zkak Roumane, Fez, Morocco (map, website)

At a quiet corner of the Medina lies this alluring hotel Dar Ramouna, which is Arabic for House of the Pomegranate.

The restaurant inside the hotel is a great choice for those who are tired of walking around. It serves Mediterranean cuisine by using fresh, local and seasonal ingredients, led by classicaly trained French chef Vincent Bonnin.

* If you’re staying at the hotel, take advantage of Monday night’s traditional Moroccan home cooking made by Dar Ramouna’s housekeeper Naima.

Dar Ramouna hotel restaurant fez morocco

Photo: Dar Ramouna

5. Al Attarin Medersa

map Attarine medersa fez moroccoBoutouil Kairaouine, Fez, Morocco (map)

Built by Marinid sultan Uthman II Abu Said in 1323-5, Attarin Mderesa is a beautiful house where you can see gorgeous tilework, carvings of Arabic woodwork and calligraphy on walls.

The madrasa was amed from the spice and perfume market – Souk al-Attarine. This is a peaceful and lovely experience if you’re a fan of architecture and Arabic craftsmanship.

Flickr Maureen Attarine medersa Fez Morocco

Photo: Flickr/Maureen

6. Check out one of Africa’s largest mosques: Kairaouine

map Kairaouine mosque fez moroccoFes el-Bali, Qayruwan quarters, Fez, Morocco (map)

Some consider this the oldest university in the world, while this is definitely one of Africa’s largest mosques with the ability to host 20,000 people during prayer sessions.

A Tunisian refugeeFatima el-Fihria established Kairaouine mosque established in 859. It was later expanded by Almoravides during the 12th century. Today, the mosque has been recently restored but non-Muslims cannot enter the mosque, so you can simply peek at its courtyard from the main door.

Flickr Henry Zbyszynski mosque Fez morocco

Photo: Flickr/Henry Zbyszynski

7. Indulge with mint tea and Wi-Fi at Café Clock

map cafe clock fez morocco7 Derb Magana, Talaa Kbira, Fez, Morocco (map, website)

Opened by a former maître d’ in London, Briton Michael Richardson has created a great resting place for travelers in the heart of Fez’s medina. Café Clock offers Arabic classes, cooking classes, traditional Moroccan music concerts and film screenings.

Best of all, it has Wi-Fi!

Relax with fresh mint lemonade or mint tea and indulge in its menu that spans from hummus to burgers.

Cafe Clock Fez Morocco

Photo: Cafe Clock

8. Enjoy the green in Jardin Jnan Sbil

map jardin jnan sbil fez moroccoAvenue Moulay Hassan, Fez, Morocco (map)

Just a few more minutes walk toward the other direction of the Blue Gate is a gorgeous garden to take your energy away from the crowds and surround yourself with peaceful nature.

Jardin Jnan Sbil is free and full of beautiful plants, and a hidden lake in midst of lovely trees. The medina can be too jammed-packed for some travelers, so the garden is a fantastic chance to retrieve an inner zen.

Flickr Lorenz C. Töpperwien Jardin Jnan Sbil Fez Morocco

Photo: Flickr/Lorenz C. Töpperwien

9. Browse through antique boutiques in the Jewish quarter

map mellah jewish quarter fez moroccoMellah, Fez, Morocco (map)

Back in the 15th century, Fez’s Jewish community was alive and significant. The area called Mellah still carries their history and stories of religious past.

Today, you can check out teh newly restored Ibn Danan Synogogue, an important monument dating from the 17th century and built by Mimoun Ben Sidan, a wealthy merchant from the town of Ait Ishaq. In the area of Mellah today, you can shop at quaint antique boutiques where you’ll find Fez’s best vintage goods including art and furniture.

The Jewish cemetery is also in the area, which is worth a visit.

jewish quarter fez morocco

Photo: Flickr/riviera 2005

10. Dinner at Restaurant Numéro 7

map restaurant numero 7 fez morocco7 Zkak Rouan, 30200 Fez Medina, Morocco (map, website)

Want Moroccan gastronomy in Fez? You can get it at Restaurant Numéro 7, a minimalist space that honors Moroccan cuisine with local markets and seasonal flavors.

“From tiny, thin-skinned dduk lemons to sumptuous white mulberries, wild thistle hearts and salted, pickled plums, bunches of sage, mint and coriander, live Beldi chickens and camel meat, it is a feast for senses on every level.”

restaurant numero 7 fez morocco

11. Stay at Riad Numero 9

map hotel riad numero 9 fez morocco9 Derb Lamside, FeZ 30200, Morocco (map, website)

Morocco has always been a favorite destination for fashionistas and jetsetters throughout history. Riad Numero 9 is the perfect example of such glamour. Stephen Di Renza is a fashion history and the former design director of Dunhill. He transformed an 18th-century Moroccan bourgeois residence into a magnificent three-suite boutique hotel/restaurant. The hotel is so intimate that you can book the entire place for your private party.

hotel riad numero 9 fez morocco

Photo: Riad Numero 9

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