5 Insta-Worthy Locations To Visit In Morocco

Golden landscapes, bustling cities and stunning architecture.

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There are so many amazing destinations around the world with fantastic sites and attractions to photograph. But, knowing where to find them can be a challenge. With golden landscapes, bustling cities and stunning architecture, one of the top, most photographed destinations is Morocco.

With cost-effective flights and great accommodation from websites such as Travel Republic, it’s never been easier to visit. Here are our top five Insta-worthy destinations you need to visit in the country.

The Chaouwara tanneries

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One of Fez’s most iconic destinations is the Chaouwara tanneries in Fez El Bali, the oldest fortified section of the city. It showcases the traditional leather making process, which does let off a pungent scent but is interesting to watch unfold.

Capture the honeycomb of different colours that sprawl throughout the Chaouwara medina. To get the perfect picture, visit in the morning where it’s said that the dye in the pits is much more vibrant. The best public viewing platform is within a leather shop where you can browse the real leather goods to see the process from end-to-end.


Chefchaouen, Morocco.
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Discover the Berber culture and explore the maze of alleyways that take you through the hubbub of painted blue buildings. Founded in 1471, the unique pastel hue was chosen for mysterious reasons. Some say it’s to mimic the Moroccan sky or the Mediterranean Sea, others say it’s to keep the buildings cool in the hot conditions. Whatever the reason for painting this city blue, it makes the perfect backdrop for your photos. Pose by the blue staircases or take in the views of the contrasting coloured doors.

The Sahara Desert

Sahara Desert.
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Visit the edge of the world’s largest desert for stunning sandy dunes and the scaling Atlas Mountain range. The Sahara Desert is approximately 3,630,000 square miles in size and consists of sand dunes that are over 590 meters in height. From Marrakech, join onto a tour that’ll take you through the golden sand for a few days.

The unforgettable experience of having an uninterrupted view of the stars will stay with you. Not only this, the vast open plains are a great backdrop for your photos. From desert dinners in a traditional serene setting to camel trekking through the hills, the Sahara offers many excellent photo opportunities.

Jardin Majorelle

Marjoelle Garden.
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One of the most photographed places in Marrakech is the stunning Jardin Majorelle. Gifted to the city by the French Fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent. The piercing blue art deco building contrasts against the green cactus garden which has been cultivated since 1924. Visit the artist studio to see the 600 artefacts on display and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere. There are plenty of hotspots around the sites for photo shoots so it’s worth taking your time to get that perfect shot.

Ben Youssef Medersa

Medersa Ben Youssef
FACEBOOK Medersa Ben Youssef

With patterned mosaics, pretty carved archways and decorative doors, the Ben Youssef Madrasa is well worth a visit. Built in the 14th-century but finished in 1565, the ornate building was once a large Islamic school where around 900 students lived and studied in the small setting. Find the ancient school among the narrow streets of Medina in Marrakech to capture the beauty of the building.

You can visit the quaint dormitories and wander through the narrow corridors to the centre pool. Marvel over the delicate mosaics and learn more about the heritage of the historic site. The building has undergone recent renovation so it’s best to check with a local guide to find out when it’s next open.

With these five Insta-worthy locations you’ll be well on your way to creating photos for your feed that’ll make your followers envious and inspire them to visit too.

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