SEE: 5 Awesome Places To Visit In Cancun

Home to the Mayan civilization for over 1,000 years.

1. Chichen Itza

Yucatan, Mexico (2½ hours away from downtown Cancun)

Chichen Itza, now deemed as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, was a Mayan city and home to the Mayan civilization for over 1,000 years. It is now an archaeological site. El Castillo, a sacred piece of ancient architecture, dominates the center of the site. You can choose from 50+ stands that surround the grounds of El Castillo to buy authentic goods for your loved ones.

2. Cenote XCajum X-Cajum – Sacred Water Cenote

Dzitàs, Yucatan, Mexico

There are many cenotes around the Mayan ruins because this was the Mayan people’s main source of water. Filled with history, this clear green, thick blue waterhole is hundreds of feet deep and is home to catfishes. People can walk down flights of stairs to an entryway where they can swim in this sacred sinkhole!

3. Mayan Village

Yucatan, Mexico

The Mayan Village is where the Mayan people dress in authentic Mayan attire and share knowledge about their history. There is a shopping area where they provide information about how obsidian, a sacred gemstone to their people, was an important part of their artwork. They sell tons of authentic handmade items that make for perfect souvenirs.

4. Valladolid

Valladolid, Yucatan, Mexico

Valladolid is a developing tourist attraction in Mexico. This small, colorful city has history, colonial architecture and beautiful churches. Since tourists are getting a first-hand glimpse at a developing tourist area, souvenirs and food are very cheap. In the town square, there are various market stands with authentic spices, street food, and candy, such as corn on the cob with cheese and De La Rosa Gigante Pulparindo. Valladolid is an impressive town and is located right outside Cancun!

5. Aquaworld

Cancun, Q.R., Mexico

Aquaworld, located in the Hotel Zone (see other hotel recommendations in Cancun), provides tons of deals for many fun water sports in Cancun: parasailing, jet skiing, and even flyboarding. Experience the AquaBounce – an obstacle course that floats on water! For fun activities, Aquaworld is your place to go!

Anastasia Vazquez


Anastasia loves exploring the world, animals, reading books, writing, fashion, and laying on a beach on a hot summer day. She has explored most of the United States, some European and many Caribbean countries. She loves being in new places, trying authentic food, talking to locals, and living in the moment.

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