Indulge In Private Pools & So Much More At Lexis Suites Penang

Lexis Suites Penang is redefining a new kind of accessible luxury with individual dipping pool and steam room in all of its 222 suites.

When in Penang, most travelers may instantly flock to bustling George Town, but head southward and there’s a different air to the island. Bayan Lepas might be known as one of the oldest industrial zones in Penang, but its farming and fishing culture remains to enhance tranquility by the sea. Capturing the best frame of it all, is located merely 10 minutes from Penang International Airport and 15 minutes away from the Second Penang Bridge: Welcome to Lexis Suites Penang.

The spacious hotel encompasses 222 roomy suites; each boasts a private balcony, dipping pool, steam room and incredible views of local landscape. Not the mention, the plethora of indoor activities offered by Lexis Suites Penang permits a fun-filled vacation without ever leaving the hotel.


The most luxurious and unique feature of Lexis Suites Penang remains to be sumptuous individual dipping pools inside every suite. The pools are built into every private balcony that overlooks fishing villages or the magnificent Straits of Malacca. A serene getaway sinks into reality when guests can soak their bodies while staring into the deep oceans that shift from a peachy sunrise to a lavender sunset.

Ever dreamed of gazing at stars cruising through the night sky? Since the hotel is situated near the airport, flickers of lights from airplanes that take off and land, especially during nightfall, transcend into a romantic scenery. As if stars fly from one side of the ocean to another, into a veil of deep navy. Hence, the most beneficial advantage of individual pools in every balcony not only allows the ultimate privacy but also, 24/7 access from bedroom to the pool permits an elevated indulgence. From day to night.

In addition, next to every dipping pool is a steam room adorned with ivory tiles, capacious enough to fit at least 3-4 guests all at once so everyone can be pampered in recovery of muscles, detox and clearing of pores for a great night of sleep.

Individual dipping pool.
Individual dipping pool. PHOTO WENDY HUNG
Lexis Suites Penang.
Lexis Suites Penang. PHOTO WENDY HUNG
Dipping pool inside every suite.
Dipping pool inside every suite. PHOTO WENDY HUNG
Steam room.
Dipping pool.
Dipping pool. PHOTO WENDY HUNG


As of date, Lexis Suites is the sole all-suite hotel on Penang island. By integrating contemporary design and modern technology, both the Executive Pool Suites and Premium Pool Suites deliver a premium lodging experience.

Every suite incorporates king-size beds, floor-to-ceiling glass paneled doors that highlight beautiful views of an endless ocean and highlights enormous natural light to illuminate the room with an air of warmth and coziness. In addition to the pool and sauna, each room includes: two king size beds that accommodate up to 4 people, cream-marbled shower and a large bathtub, complimentary coffee and tea…and much more.

View from Sky Terrace.
View from Sky Terrace. PHOTO WENDY HUNG
Spacious bathroom.
Spacious bathroom. PHOTO WENDY HUNG

The Executive Pool Suite includes 82 square meter of space that features partial sea view as well as the township of a verdant Bayan Lepas. Meanwhile, the 89-square-meter Premium Pool Suites are sea-facing, allowing guests to feel as though the entire balcony is wrapped by the breathtaking Strait of Malacca.

Guest Suite.
Big tub.


Besides the obvious and marvelous view of Straits of Malacca, Lexis Suites Penang also offers a different kind of setting given by what many travelers refer to as a “diamond in the rough,” or the township of Teluk Kumbar.

Stretched along the seashore are resting fishing boats and local houses spread throughout the wild greenery of a region prospered from fishing and rice farming. Despite that this area has industrialized in recent decades, rustic boats and quaint homes remain to emanate a sense of calmness by the water. Looking down from one of many hotel balconies, it’s easy to relax in a peaceful hideaway.

Sky Terrace patio.
Outdoor patio. PHOTO WENDY HUNG
View from above.
View from above. PHOTO WENDY HUNG
Rooftop view.
Rooftop view. PHOTO WENDY HUNG


There are several restaurants, bars and cafés in the hotel; for any hungry traveler at any time of the day. For breakfast buffet and lunch, head over to Roselle Coffee House where Malaysian tastes and international delights can be devoured. Buns, rice vermicelli (bee hoon) are just as tasty and steamy as the egg station and pancakes.

Craving for sushi? Across the reception desk on the lobby floor is UMI Japanese Restaurant where popular favorites are served: sashimi, tempura, sushi rolls, teppanyaki…and many more. Guests can opt for either modern dining rooms or traditional Japanese tatami rooms for private parties.

At the top of the hotel is Satellite Restaurant & Bar where karaoke nights are held as well as the sumptuous afternoon tea which includes Malaysian snacks like sausages and dried noodles. For western bites; there are sandwiches, cakes, cookies and chocolates…etc. Guests can also sit on the outdoor patio, sip on fruity cocktails while admiring alluring views of the stunning sea.

For an open-air dining experience, head up to Sky Terrace where a fabulous meal is accompanied by the panoramic span of oceans, greenery and the splendid sky.

Sky Terrace rooftop bar.
Satellite Restaurant & Bar. PHOTO WENDY HUNG


Afternoon tea snacks.
Afternoon tea snacks. PHOTO WENDY HUNG
Sky Terrace deck.
Satellite Restaurant & Bar deck. PHOTO WENDY HUNG
Sky Terrace.
Satellite Restaurant & Bar. PHOTO WENDY HUNG
Bar at Sky Terrace.
Cocktail bar. PHOTO WENDY HUNG
Local tastes.
Local tastes. PHOTO WENDY HUNG



The 8th floor of the hotel is full of options for indoor activities, including LexSpa where knowledgeable and professional aestheticians are skilled in facials, beauty treatments and various massages from hot oil to traditional Thai. After a vitalizing treatment, the friendly staff extends the rejuvenating experience with a soothing hot tea with honey.

Kidz World

A few steps away, there’s a vibrant Kidz World where different rooms are filled with games and toys for children of all ages. On one side, there’s a large space full of colorful slides and ball pits. The other room catered to older kids displays numerous arcade machines and bean bags that surround a pool table in the middle of fun games.

For parents that need an outlet for their kids on a rainy day or not, Kidz World is the perfect venue. In the hallway, there are also chess, marbles, and traditional Malaysian game of sticks that introduce local childhood culture to international guests.



LexSpa massage rooms.
LexSpa massage rooms. PHOTO WENDY HUNG
claw machine stuffed animals
Claw machine stuffed animals. PHOTO WENDY HUNG

O2 Gym

For adults that want to stay fit during vacation, O2 Gym is equipped with plentiful treadmills and weight machines to work up a sweat. Across from the gym, there’s also an outdoor pool for travelers that love to swim some laps to keep the heart rate up while taking some of the impact stress off the body. If you don’t feel like heading all the way back to your suite for the private sauna, there’s also a communal sauna near the pool that guests can enjoy.

Bayu Lexis

The hotel includes a private beachfront access for guests that relish on outdoor activities. Bayu Lexis is a discrete enclave for weddings or corporate events.

Game room.
Beach view.
Traditional game.
Traditional game. PHOTO WENDY HUNG


What’s wonderful about Lexis Suites Penang is its accessibility to luxury. Without breaking the bank, travelers can savor the lavish experience of indulging in a pool and steam room perched on a balcony which looks over the sweeping view of nature at its best, all in the privacy of their spacious suites. Truly, what more can we ask for?

Reserve your stay at Lexis Suites Penang today.

Wendy Hung


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