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If you’re a booze aficionado…

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It’s a wonderful time to visit Kuala Lumpur! The foodie and bar scene is currently flourishing in Malaysia’s buzzing capital, with undeniably unique, trendy hotspots popping up every month! There’s lots of interesting options when it comes to getting a quality drink with fresh native ingredients in a stylish locale. Here’s where we like to kick back and sip on delicious libations in KL.

1. BarZhen

If you’re searching for the most exquisite cocktails in the city, look no further than BarZhen in Chinatown. Bar Zhen is the trendiest speakeasy to hit KL yet, and in genuine speakeasy fashion it’s a little difficult to find along the winding alleyways of Chinatown. Don’t be afraid to ask around for directions though because everyone in the city has definitely heard of BarZhen.

The highly artistic mixology at Bar Zhen is inspired by Chinese medicine shops and feature Chinese teas and herbs as key ingredients. The cocktail on everyone’s must-try list is the Smoked Ginseng Osmanthus Old Fashioned. On the menu you’ll find other delights like the Eucomia Spicy Mango Yogurt Cocktail or a GInseng Honey Paloma. The elevated creativity leaves no doubt that you won’t find cocktails like this just anywhere in the world, making BarZhen a must-try for any bar snob traveling through KL.

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2. The Iron Fairies

The Iron Fairies is an incredibly popular bar franchise across Asia which brings to life mindblowing fantastical worlds of underground mines illuminated by magical fairies. The Iron Fairies in Kuala Lumpur is the biggest venue yet, designed as a fairy dust factory with a secret butterfly room and an enchanting fairy garden on the rooftop. This one-of-a-kind venue is always the place to be with live music, happy hour, ladies night and DJs of all genres taking place Tuesday to Sunday. For a truly unforgettable night out that will transport you to a magical world.

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3. PS 150

PS 150 is our favorite sexy sultry bar in the city. It’s hard not to love the beautifully curated space and cocktails which illustrates the seedy yet intriguing eras of KL’s history. The best part is the Opium Den made up of private booths bathed in red light, beaded curtains and vintage art; the perfect setting for an intimate date. The Main Bar is just as ambient and intimate though and that’s where all the mixology magic happens.

PS 150 has a truly exciting cocktail menu with concoctions that show off a strong sense of place. Using ingredients like jackfruit, lemongrass, curry leaf and kaffir lime, you’ll be reminded of exactly where you are with every sip of your elaborately prepared cocktail. The outdoor courtyard where smoking is allowed is just another bonus. Seriously, what’s not to like about an impressive joint like this one?

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4. Wet Deck at W Kuala Lumpur

The Wet Deck at the spanking new W Kuala Lumpur doesn’t have just a view of the Petronas Twin Towers. It has THE view of the twin towers; currently boasting hands-down the best view you’re going to get of those babies. It’s no wonder people are already flocking to the hotel’s pool bar where you can sip on crazy cool cocktails and soak in all the funky vibes right under the iconic twin towers. If you’re ever looking to mingle with KL’s trendiest beautiful socialites, you already know where they’ll be.

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Photo: Nadia Cho

5. Havana

A nice, laidback option among the many touristy bars lined up along Changat Bukit Bintang. As the name suggests, Havana has a warm, lusty Cuban theme going on in the ambient dining room and lovely outdoor terrace. Here you’ll find reliable classic cocktails like negronis and Cuba Libres, as well as refreshing sangria, import beers and wines. On Fridays and Saturdays Havana becomes a lively place to party with DJs playing retro hits in all the rooms and crowds mingling in the open air.

bars kuala lumpur
Photo: Nadia Cho

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