5 Of The Best Places & Neighborhoods To Stay In Vilnius

For first-time travelers, the best option is Old Town.

There’s no denying that Vilnius is a small city, but there are still distinct neighborhoods fitting for different types of travelers. If you choose to stay in Old Town, it comes with easy access to major landmarks and some of the best restaurants in the city. For business travelers, however, the neighborhood of Šnipiškės might better suit your style. Below is a breakdown of five major areas that caters to various travel needs, stay safe and have a blast!

Although there’s Uber in Vilnius, the city is so small that you’ll be able to walk everywhere.

Best neighborhoods to stay in Vilnius
Old Town Vilnius. Photo by Alex Vinogradov on Unsplash

Reputation: Heart of the city. 

411: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Vilnius Old Town is one of the biggest old towns in Eastern Europe. This is where you can explore numerous landmarks, including: Gate of Dawn, Church of St. Theresa, Town Hall Square, Vilnius Museum of Illusions…and many more. You can also find abundant cafés, restaurants and bars in this area.

Gediminas avenue
Gediminas avenue. PHOTO WENDY HUNG

Reputation: New Town.

411: This is typically where locals meet up. For them, Kudirka’s Square on Gediminas Avenue in Naujamiestis neighborhood is considered Vilnius’ city center. If you can’t find lodging in Old Town, this is another ideal area for easy access to popular restaurants, lively bars and shops. Here, you can also explore Cathedral Square where major events and exhibitions are often held.

Užupis Vilnius
Užupis, Vilnius. PHOTO WENDY HUNG

Reputation: Bohemian and artistic.

411: Republic of Uzupis is a self-governing neighborhood in Vilnius, as it operates by its own constitution. In the past, this area was for artists and squalors. Today, it is home to posh yet bohemian studios, cafés, restaurants and concept stores. Uzupis is a fantastic choice for art fanatics or those who prefer to steer away from the bustling city center while remaining relatively close to Old Town.

Vilnius train station
Vilnius train station. INSTAGRAM @eduardoadomaitis

Reputation: Hipsters near the train station. 

411: Although the general rule for travelers is to stay away from residing near train stations, Vilnius is an exempt. Stotis neighborhood once served as the main station for the city’s buses and trains, but after a drastic makeover, it is now a vibrant place full of nightlife for hipsters and alternative music shows. The historic Halle Market is here to showcase colorful vegetables and fruits. You can also find the famous mural from 2016: a kiss between Trump and Putin.

Šnipiškės Vilnius
Šnipiškės, Vilnius. PHOTO WENDY HUNG

Reputation: New city center for business travelers.

411: For a newer part of the city, check out Šnipiškės (or Snipiskes) where business travelers often choose to stay. Shopping malls, conference centers, international chain restaurants can be found here. Since this area is more recently developed, there are bike lanes along the Neris River for those who prefer to stay active. Pedestrian lanes are also marked for joggers. Keep your eyes out for Rinktines Street if you choose to stay in this neighborhood but remain close to Old Town. On Sundays, there are flea markets that offer the chance to shop like a local.

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