10 Cool Bars In Vilnius You’ve Gotta Check Out

“The deeper you go, the more bars you will find. The deeper you go, the more trees you have.”

Thanks to the city’s large student population, Vilnius is certainly not void of bars and cocktail lounges to explore. You’ll notice the cocktail bar scene is evolving beyond beer, travelers can easily find experimental and creative concoctions made to impress.

Three main areas that guarantee a fun night out are: Vilniaus Street (sports bars and English pubs mostly catered to foreigners,) Islandijos Street is spotted with some of the city’s best cocktail bars like Alchemikas. Start migrating towards Vokiečių Street and you’ll find more mixology havens like Distilerija as well as the city’s most famous expat hangout: Šnekutis. For more details, here’s a list of Vilnius’ coolest and best bars.


Islandijos g. 1, 01402 Vilnius, Lithuania

Arguably Vilnius’ best bar, Alchemikas has transformed the city’s cocktails landscape by fashioning tasty drinks that are also artistic. Get there early (especially from Wednesday – Friday,) since this hotspot is on the smaller side and gets crowded pretty quickly. Ever tried a Sushi Martini or a Wasabi Gin? Alchemikas is delectably experimental, the higher price point is definitely worth every penny if you love a plush cocktail lounge.

Cocktail bar Alchemikas
FACEBOOK Cocktail bar Alchemikas

Alaus Biblioteka | Beer Library

Trakų g. 4, 01132 Vilnius, Lithuania

If there was actually a real life beer library, then Alaus Biblioteka rings true to its name which literally means exactly that. The polished pub carries hundreds of handcrafted beers, presented to you by its knowledgeable staff, or beer librarians. Each selection is meticulously curated, while the entire collection is a dream come true for any beer fanatic. Lithuania is known for its cold brews, but the bar also features internationla craft beers both on tap and in bottles so you can try as wide of a variety as you possibly can.


Konstitucijos pr. 20, 09308 Vilnius, Lithuania

Distilerija is definitely poppin’! As one of the trendiest bars in Vilnius, this hotspot is known for a specialized list of whiskeys. Situated by Park S. Moniuškos skveras and Stanisław Moniuszko memorial monument, Distilerija wows guests away with a massive wall of bottles that stylishly screams: Welcome! There are both classic and newer drinks on the menu, but look around, you’ll end up admiring the most beautiful crowd in Vilnius.

FACEBOOK Distilerija

Apoteka Bar (Apoteka)

Visų Šventųjų g. 5, 01306 Vilnius, Lithuania


One of the best speakeasies in Vilnius is probably Apoteka Bar where aroma and fragrance are integrated into the art of cocktail-making. Every concoction is intentional, often blending seasonal vegetables and fruits into its creations.

Ever wondered about barrel-aged cocktails? The team at Apoteka reflects upon colonial-era coopers who were part of the sailing crew back in the day. Throughout the ages, barrels were an essential part of any ship and as voyages were lengthy, any broken casks were impossible to replace and had to be repaired on board. That’s why merchant ships had coopers as part of the crew. Several of the bar’s cocktails incorporate such barrel-aged cocktails.

Spiritus Baras

Aušros Vartų g. 4, 01303 Vilnius, Lithuania

Around the world, mezcal is making a splash across most cocktail bars. Vilnius is certainly part of that conversation with cool bars like Spiritus Baras which uniquely highlights tequila and mezcal. This joint is one of the city’s best places to go for a lovely margarita. Want shots of tequila instead? Can’t go wrong here! When the weather allows, there’s also grills on the terrace that will make your night out a total stand out.


Dream Bar by Stikliai

Stiklių g. 14, 01131 Vilnius, Lithuania

Right across the street from The pub Leičiai, you’ll hear busy chatters from Dream Bar by Stikliai. Vastly different from the brewery, this hotel lounge is a cozy spot for tasty cocktails. The Relais & Chateaux Stikliai Hotel has designed a stylish bar in the middle of Old Town, adorned by red velvet couches and delicious drinks. The hotel terrace is also connected to the restaurant, Winter Garden, and an inner courtyard. Want to hang out with a cosmopolitan crowd? Sip on a martini at Dream Bar.


Konstitucijos pr. 20, 09308 Vilnius, Lithuania

Want the most spectacular view of the city? Look no further than Radisson Blue Hotel’s 22nd floor. Skybar offers the utmost cosmopolitan experience of cocktail-sipping alongside a panoramic vision from high above. With more than 70 cocktails to choose from its extensive menu, you’ll be able to enjoy the gorgeous view all night long, without getting bored. On weekends, there are also DJs spinning and snacks are also available as well as desserts.

Who Hit John

Didžioji g. 19, 01128 Vilnius, Lithuania

If you didn’t know, “Who-Hit-John” is actually a slang whiskey. According to Urban Dictionary, it’s especially of cheap or inferior grade. John may also refer to that average guy who gets into brawls in the middle of the pub. We all know one of those…

The joke is quite apt for the rock-and-roll, cheeky dive bar in the middle of Old Town Vilnius. Who Hit John may appear as one of the tiniest bars in the city, serving up tasty whiskeys and dangerous cocktails. It fits no more than 15-20 people, but squeeze in there and mingle with the friendly staff. You’re guaranteed an interesting night out.

Who Hit John


Šv. Mikalojaus g. 15, 01133 Vilnius, Lithuania

This is now a vital stop for travelers. Known as a pub serving real beer, Šnekutis’ kitchen also serves up delicious Lithuanian dishes: potato dumplings, fried cod, pig ears and feet. At night, the bar/restaurant turns into a buzzy spot, especially for foreigners eager to taste a wide variety of craft beers. From a cold IPA to a darker stout, Šnekutis is where you can take endless cherry shots with friendly bartenders.

Šnekutis VILNIUS

The pub Leičiai

Stiklių g. 4, 01131 Vilnius, Lithuania

Despite that The pub Leičiai, or Alina Leičiai, also serves delicious Lithuanian cuisine (try the savory cepelinai;) you want to come here for a plethora of Lithuanian beers. Can’t make a decision? Order the tasting sample which comes with: cannabis beer, pale ale and IPA. Lithuanian beer culture mirrors the country’s brewing practices that traces back to the medieval era, particularly in the monasteries. To learn more about this nation’s high-quality brews with its locally-sourced ingredients, you can opt for a brewery tour at pub Leičiai.

Leiciai Aline
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