Your Go-To Places To Shop In Beirut

Beirut may be quite a small city, but that should not stop you from all-out shopping sprees.

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Beirut is known for being one of the most culturally rich and contemporary cities in the Middle East, and its shopping scene is a great reminder of that. Here are a few popular areas that you absolutely need to check out if you’re in the shopaholic mood.

Like many other places in the Middle East, I would say the optimal things to shop for in Beirut are jewelry, unique furniture, home decor, and exclusive clothing from local designers. Burj Hammoud in a historic location – home to many Armenians – and is your go-to place for all of lifestyle and fashion needs. During the Civil War in the late 20th century, the lives of many Armenians were threatened. As a result, they were inclined to remain close to each other while many of them settled in Burj Hammoud.

Hamra Street is known for its active nighttime activities, since it’s one of Beirut’s biggest commercial districts. It is packed with historical theaters and cafés that explore Lebanon’s past and enlightenment during mid-20th century. It is home to numerous region’s most reputable universities, libraries, and hotels. If you’re looking for familiar retail stores and fun bars to visit, look no further than Hamra Street.

The Downtown Beirut area is also ideal for tourists and locals alike, as it has many foreign brands and a farmer’s market where you can find some of the country’s best regional produce.

ABC Mall in Achrafieh is both an incredibly easy and satisfying place to shop especially if you prefer indoor malls. It offers popular brands, including: Dior, Lacoste, Virgin Megastore…and many more. It’s the ultimate location for tourists, while still catering to the Lebanese population as it houses several restaurants, even a movie theater. There aren’t a bunch of shopping malls in Beirut, so if you get a chance to come here you should really do so.

Beirut is the perfect place to bring home souvenirs for loved ones, as its cultural scene is simply colorful and diverse. I’ve only named a few of my favorite places to frequent when I visit Lebanon, whatever I say here cannot do the city justice. You just need to visit Beirut and pleasantly surprise yourself.

Joey Gobran


A native of Egypt, Joey has spent the majority of his life living in Cairo, despite having lived in over three countries. He is passionate about writing and basketball.

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