The 5 Go-To Nightlife Spots In Beirut

While the culture and food of the city are still its biggest players, its nightlife is filled with spirit and vivacity.

Although it’s most popular as a destination around the New Year, you can’t ignore the energy it brings every day of the year. Here are five nightlife hotspots to look out for when you’re in Beirut.

The Grand Factory – amazing concert venue

The Grand Factory
FACEBOOK The Grand Factory

Known for its spectacular “panoramic” view, The Grand Factory presents itself as a venue ready for whatever comes its way, whether it be cultural events, or live concerts. If you want to experience Lebanese nightlife in its purest form, this is a place you need to visit. From the second you enter this venue, you will feel its individuality – an experience you won’t  find elsewhere.

Anise – best cocktail bar


If you’re a fan of arak (a Levantine distilled spirit in the color of translucent ivory,) then you’ll need to stop by Anise. The specialized cocktail bar handcrafts homemade arak from vines that are grown across various regions of Lebanon. The menu not only carries an extensive list of arak, it also mixes the anise-flavored liqueur with a wide variety of local herbs and ingredients. The ambiance here is relaxed yet exclusive, with live jazz and dimmed lights.

Ferdinand – “malty” gastropub

Mahatma Gandhi, Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon

FACEBOOK Ferdinand

Located in the famous neighborhood of Hamra, Ferdinand has a quaint vibe that does not diminish its energy. With a multitude of classic cocktails to choose from, each visit will feel as original as the one before it. Be sure to stop by on “Malt Mondays” where the bar showcases its diverse malt collection. If the mood strikes you as well, there is an assortment of food, from burgers to steak sandwiches.

The Bohemian – creative crowd

Armenia, Beirut, Lebanon

The Bohemian
FACEBOOK The Bohemian

This unique bar will appeal to your artistic and creative side, as it highlights Beirut’s most imaginative individuals and its finest alcohol. The Bohemian is the embodiment of culture in Lebanon. It’s relaxing and energetic at the same time; an unmatched vibe fit for a beautiful venue.

SKYBAR – rooftop parties

O1NE Building, Beirut New Waterfront, Downtown، Beirut, Lebanon


SKYBAR is difficult to describe without doing it justice. Since its inauguration in 2003, it has been the hub for both local and foreign partiers, boasting an unreal view of the Lebanese mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. The ambience stays faithful to what Lebanese nightlife and culture is all about. It’s one of those places that can give a city prestige all on its own.

Joey Gobran


A native of Egypt, Joey has spent the majority of his life living in Cairo, despite having lived in over three countries. He is passionate about writing and basketball.

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