5 Beirut Neighborhoods So You Know Where To Stay

As a city, Beirut has, perhaps, one of the most fascinating personalities.

Café Hamra

Although it has been imposed with tragedy in its modern history, it still manages to be one of the most beautiful cities in not only the Middle East, but around the world. And, what gives it its remarkable personality are the neighborhoods that it houses. Here is our neighborhood breakdown of Beirut.


Villa Badaro
FACEBOOK Villa Badaro

A renowned neighborhood in Beirut, it is known for being one of the most common residential areas in the city and its prominence as a business hub. A beautiful district, where daytime strolls and a roaring nightlife live in harmony. It resides next to a gorgeous pine forest, and has the feel of a centuries old village. Don’t miss this must-eat restaurant: Villa Badaro.


Achrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon
Achrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon. UNSPLASH Christelle Hayek

Located in Eastern Beirut, Achrafieh is one of the oldest neighborhoods in all of Lebanon. Filled to the brim with streets lined with trees, this residential area is home to breathtaking French and Ottoman architecture. It also offers a multitude of coffee shops and shopping options, as the famous ABC Mall is located in Achrafieh. It is one of the quarters deeply affected by the Civil War in 1975, as much of its architectural design was destroyed, and to this day, the city is still repairing the damages.

Beirut Central District

Beirut Central District
Beirut Central District. UNSPLASH Armand Khoury

Also known as Downtown Beirut, the Beirut Central District is the heart and hub of Lebanon, and is simply alive with culture and history. Although it did suffer major damages from the Civil War, through development and reconstruction, it has regained its former glory, once again becoming the economic and cultural powerhouse in the country. It houses the Lebanese Parliament, the Lebanese Government headquarters, the Beirut Stock Exchange, the regional offices of the United Nations, International Labour Organization, UNESCO, World Bank, as well as the headquarters of the ESCWA and the Union of Arab Banks.


Café Hamra

The neighborhood of Hamra is known for its lively nightlife, as it is home to Hamra Street, one of the city’s commercial districts. It is far more than one of the main streets of Beirut, however, as it is filled with historical theaters and cafés that explore Hamra’s history and intellectual significance during the mid-20th century. It houses several prestigious universities, libraries, hotels, and more. It is always full of life, frequently visited by the region’s most prominent artists, poets, and intellectuals.


Raouché, Beirut
Raouché, Beirut. FACEBOOK Etienne Boulanger

Known for its luxury apartment buildings, restaurants, and cafés, Raouché makes a part of the famous Corniche of Beirut, popular with joggers and cyclists. Pigeons’ Rock, which are two huge rock formations at the coast of Raouché, is a hot destination for both locals and tourists alike. Some of the shores near this neighborhood have bequeathed historic evidence of our existence as humans, which are displayed at the Archeological Museum at the American University of Beirut.

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A native of Egypt, Joey has spent the majority of his life living in Cairo, despite having lived in over three countries. He is passionate about writing and basketball.

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