8 Innovative Japanese Designers Who Changed The Game

Japanese designers bring their own flair to every style or trend.

Issey Miyake Europe
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If you love Japanese fashion, then you’ve already had a long obsession with Issey Miyake’s tech-driven pleats that perfectly symbolize a futuristic mixture of modern mechanics and use of vibrant colors. At the same time, Japan is known for both feminine and elegant silhouettes, in addition to some of the boldest streetwear collections you’ll find. Here are eight Japanese designers that encapsulate a little bit of every creative stride, use this as a stylish guide for your next shopping trip to Japan.


Image by @neighborhood_official on Instagram

This powerful brand has timeless pieces that you’ll be wearing on-the-go. Started by Shinsuke Takizawa, NEIGHBORHOOD is streetwear made simple. The neutral color palette and classic graphics will have you making its collection a wardrobe staple.

2. Takahashi Hiroko

takahashi hiroko japanese designer
Image by @takahashihirokoofficial on Instagram

Takahashi Hiroko is the innovative blend between art and fashion that you’ve been searching for. Takahashi Hiroko is known for contemporary kimonos, coming in any color and design you could ever dream of. Both Riko and Hiroko Takahashi have a history in learning and now teaching art. It shows in the unique kimonos they create. Be sure to stop by on your next trip to Tokyo or order from the online.

3. Anateliér

Image by @anatelier_official on Instagram

This simple and sweet company is all about classy womenswear. With pieces like oversized blazers and coats to silky ankle-length skirts, Anateliér is the go-to for comfortable and elegant wardrobe you can wear on a night out, to work, or for a busy day. What’s most eye-catching is that all the pieces accompany one another, it’s achieved by the pairing of solid colored textures and high-quality fabrics, making any piece versatile from everything else in the shop!

4. Celford

celford japanese designers
Image by @celford_official on Instagram

Minimalism takes its form in Celford, a women’s fashion company based in Shibuya. Celford is the pinnacle of less is more, with airy silhouettes and neutral colors for every article of clothing possible. But don’t be fooled! Celford’s collections carries its own spin on classic designs, whether by adding puff-sleeves, ruching, or even pleats! If you’re looking to keep it classy but want something more than just the basics, Celford is for you!


acym japanese designers
Image by @acym_official on Instagram

ACYM is elegance with an edge. Imagine, you’re in a book shop in Shinjuku and you want to look effortless, intelligent, and maybe even a little mysterious. In that case, you’d be wearing ACYM. The dark brown palette for outerwear and shoes is balanced by the cream and sage this online shop has for its tops and blouses. You can’t go wrong with a simple look that leaves bystanders wanting more!

6. The Sun Goes Down

tsgd tokyo
Image by @tsgd_tokyo on Instagram

The Sun Goes Down is a vintage menswear and womenswear store with gorgeous outerwear and sweaters! The in-person store has varying hours but the online shop is full of gems you’d be lucky to ow. Much of the clothing is imported from European countries but can do wonders for any simple streetwear look even on the boulevards of Shibuya.

7. Undercover

undercover lab japanese designers
Image by @undercover_lab on Instagram

This is the luxury streetwear brand you’ve been waiting for. Undercover plays by no one else’s rules, and was started by Jun Takashi. The brand collaborates with worldwide household names, includinng: Supreme, Nike…and many more. It is a household name itself, with roots in grunge and punk. Undercover has become the pinnacle of street trends for the past, present, and future.


comme des garcons
Image by @commedesgarcons on Instagram

Last but certainly not least is COMME des GARÇONS, one of the most well-known clothing brands started in Japan. Created by Rei Kawakubo, COMME des GARÇONS is high fashion meets timelessness. The unique name comes from the french song “All the Boys and Girls” by Françoise Hardy and translates to “like some boys” in English. You probably recognize COMME des GARÇONS by the little heart logo you can find on various pieces!