For The Best Shopping Spots In Osaka

For stylish buys in Osaka, recommended by Rue at Cotton Sheep in San Francisco.


Rue was born in Japan and moved to San Francisco at two-years-old. Cotton Sheep is a one-of-a-kind Japanese imported clothing boutique in Hayes Valley of San Francisco. For business and pleasure, Rue goes back to Japan, particularly Osaka, frequently. We asked him to give us some of the best shopping spots in one of his favorites in Asia.

1. Original Kapital Store (Kojima)

It’s beautiful! (Even though every Kapital store in Japan has an immense amount of thought and effort put into it.) Kapital has sixteen stores scattered across throughout Japan.


2. Hankyu Mall (Umeda Station, Osaka)

If you go to the Umeda Station in Osaka, you’ll find the Hankyu Mall. It’s ridiculous because before you even get to the mall, the underground tunnel system from the train station is covered wall to wall with clothing stores and restaurants. Insider tip: There’s actually two Hankyu Malls. One is meant for a younger crowd (sells cheaper brand) while the other carries higher end brands (ranging from Burberry to 45 RPM). Each floor of the mall is different too and separates different brands, styles, and occasions. The casual men’s floor has an assortment of retail stores with amazing Japanese brand that you would never find the States.


3. Tachibana Dori (Minami district, Osaka)

Great shopping area with a mix of trendy and traditional stores.

4.  AmerMura (Minami district, Osaka)

The name is short for America Mura, but the shortened version is how locals refer to it as. It literally means American Village and is where the vintage clothing store that we used to sell clothes to in the 90s is located.

Check out more of Rue’s story behind the making of Cotton Sheep in San Francisco, and what he recommends on Japanese men’s fashion, including “The Look” for this season.

Article written by RUE, from Cotton Sheep Japanese Imported Clothing Boutique in San Francisco.

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