Futuristic Japan: Best Spots To Capture The Future

While Japan is known for its absolutely mindblowing culture and centuries of iconic traditions, there is also a very new side to it – the innovative and bold!

Futuristic Japan | Best Spots to Capture the Future
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There are plenty of sites to see to catch glimpses of what the future holds, but knowing Japan’s mightiness and size, it can be quite hard to plan. So, check out our guide to the best spots to capture futuristic Japan! 

Miraikan, Tokyo

The place that explains every single thing happening in our world in the most revolutionary and scientific ways – Miraikan is Japan’s leading National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. 

All these questions plaguing society nowadays – the newest technology, global environment, space exploration, and life science are answered in the most colorful explanations and thorough descriptions. And yet, it is all explained so understandably, you will have no trouble catching a closer look into the future. Obviously, you will end up learning a lot here, so make sure to pay attention and try to pick up every bit of information they offer you! 

Miraikan is a long line of exhibitions and interactive pursuits, allowing you hands-on contact with science and technology! 

Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo

Japan takes the lead in many different sections of the world, whether it be in terms of technology, intelligence, or anything else. As of 2011, they can add the title of the Tallest Tower in the world, as well! 

Primarily, Tokyo Skytree was a radio and television broadcasting station for Tokyo, but following its celebration of winning the title of the tallest one in the world, they included a restaurant and an observation deck to it. Nowadays, it is the city’s one of the most visited attractions, and probably the whole of Japan! 

When exploring the capital city, make sure to visit the Skytree as well, and observe the endless cityscape from a different point of view! With all the predictions and the pace at which everything is moving nowadays, the Earth will have a million Skytrees in the next few years. 

However, we can understand how being constantly surrounded by modernized and techy stuff can get a bit tiring, so once you wish for a break, take a quick Tokyo to Kyoto train to soak up the most ancient city in Japan. Its temples and natural wonders will surely help your mind rest for a bit! 

Tokyo Skytree
Tokyo Skytree. Pixabay

Dotonbori, Osaka

Wherever you might be coming from, use www.asiatrains.com to help you reach Osaka and explore its loudest and most futuristic site – Dotonbori. 

This whole area running along the Dotonbori canal is one of the busiest and liveliest streets in Japan, maybe after Tokyo streets. There is absolutely nothing traditional or ancient about Dotonbori. Rather, everything is exceptionally modern and so active you might have difficulty focusing on anything for a while. Preferred mainly by Japan’s youngsters, the area is full of department stores, neon lights, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and eye-catching billboards that advertise the newest technologies or latest fashion trends. 

The whole district quite perfectly displays our life if we stop preserving the historical sites and stop giving importance to our ancestors’ traditions. So while both sides are valid, we must work harder to keep a healthy balance! 

Dotonbori. Pixabay

Shinjuku, Tokyo

Yes, we are back in Tokyo! However, nothing can be done knowing very well that Tokyo is Japan’s most futuristic city with the most innovative technologies and revolutionary ideas. This time, let’s see Shinjuku.

If you play a game with a local Japanese and ask them about word association to Tokyo, most will immediately say Shinjuku! It is all quite natural, really. Overpowering the rest of the cityscape, Shinjuku is a prominent, proud district of high towers and skyscrapers. Dedicated to shopping, business, and entertainment, the Shinjuku district is one of the most recognizable places in Japan and sits there like a loud reminder of what our future will look like in no time! 

Shinjuku. Pixabay

Naoshima Island

Last but not least, check out the unique place that is Naoshima Island. While art and cultural background are vital to most people in the Japanese community, Naoshima takes it to a completely different level! 

The island is dedicated to expressing creativity and the uniqueness of the mind, and while you might remember things like lacquerware and calligraphy as the traditional methods of the Japanese art scene, there is none of that here! 

The area is built on installations, visual effects, sculptures, and modern art museums. None of the works follow the Japanese traditions or well-thought-out process of creating traditional art, and it is quite fascinating, to say the least! So prepare to be surprised and buy a ticket immediately! 

There you go! Five extraordinarily unique and modern sites in Japan that perfectly explain our genius minds and broad opportunities! There will surely be things that are mindblowing and even hard to comprehend, but try to think like your average Japanese futurist, and you might see it all a bit differently. So have the best time, and let’s dive head first into our imminent future! 

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