9 Souvenirs You Must Score In Venice

The best buys make incredible gifts and décor for your place back home.

Let’s face it. Venice is expensive enough as it is, you might as well buy all the souvenirs you can while you’re there because you’re not going to find them anywhere else! These best buys make incredible gifts and décor for your place back home.

1. A Mask

You can find a Venetian mask at any souvenir shop or stand in Venice but the trick to finding the perfect Venetian mask for your travels is to get lost among the small side streets and stumble on one of the magic mask shops – the one specializing in mask-making and decorated floor to ceiling in ornate velvet.

Flickr Travis Simon Venice mask
Flickr/Travis Simon

2. Murano Glass

Murano glass is perfect in every color. It is generally pretty reasonably priced and can be found either on the island of Murano in specialty glass warehouse and shops or in most souvenir shops on the main island. Take caution when choosing which vase to buy because not all Murano glass is real. It’s almost guaranteed on the island of Murano but anywhere else, some examination is required.

murano glass

3. Murano Jewelry

Earrings, bracelets, rings, you name it! Murano in beads, Murano in pendants, Murano wrapped all the way around. You can find them for as cheap as 3 euro, it’s worth the memory…and the little extra sparkle.

Murano, Italy.
UNSPLASH Crina Parasca

4. Stationery

Though Florence is the epicenter of leather, Venice is the hub of artisanship. There are dozens of specialty stationery shops where you can find a beautiful, bound, handmade journal anywhere from 5 euro to 85 euro. Some shopkeepers even engrave your name in the cover.

Il Papiro Firenze
FACEBOOK Il Papiro Firenze

5. A miniature gondolier

Remember that gondola ride whenever you look at this little guy! …And start planning your trip back.

6. A bottle of Bellini

A mixture of Prosecco (Italian sparkling wine) and peach puree, Bellinis are one of the best cocktails you can find while traveling. And for those of us who wish to take the magic home, they sell them in small and large non-breakable bottles.

Bellini canella
Facebook/Bellini Canella Polska

7. Wrapping paper

Because why would you not want to wrap every single gift you give in Saint Mark’s Square? The paper itself is enough of a gift.

illustrationmundo.com venice wrapping paper

Photo: illustrationmundo.com

8. A map of Venice

It’s said that Venice looks like a fish from the aerial view and it’s true. Venetian maps are some of the most photogenic and you can find them free in most hotels or tourist centers.

Old map of Europe
Old map of Europe. UNSPLASH British Library

9. A gelato

Please. I implore you. Do not leave Venice without at least one gelato. Stay away from tourist looking places or chains and instead, go for the local shops along the hidden streets. Your taste buds will thank you.

Gelato, Venice
UNSPLASH Myfanwy Owen

Amanda Rodrigues


When Amanda is not traveling the world, she is developing her writing skills and working on manuscripts. Her favorite cities are Barcelona, Venice and home!

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