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As you plan your Italian vacations, there’s a new local gem that you should be aware of: Sorrento Food Tours just announced its new season of walking tours.

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Even if you wanted a Big Mac, you couldn’t spot a McDonald’s in a beautiful Italian town like Sorrento. Once you’re on Amalfi Drive with Tyrrhenian Sea in sight, thoughts of an iced vanilla latte are naturally out the window. What you’ll be craving for are local pastas, sprinkled with fresh mozzarella and farm-grown basil leaves. Yum!

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As you plan your Italian vacations, there’s a new local gem that you should be aware of: Sorrento Food Tours just announced its new season of walking tours featuring regional Campania food and drink specialties and cultural information about this historic seaside city in southern Italy.

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I’m typically not too big on tours; the thought of wanderlusting through alleyways and getting lost in tasting random local dishes is more of my style. But a 3-hour walking tour with someone who really knows where to go can actually be an idea of relief.

Sorrento Food Tour Italy
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Apparently, Sorrento Food Tour introduces you to local Sorrentines and family-owned restaurants that aren’t normally covered in guidebooks. Here are some things you’re guaranteed to taste: real buffalo mozzarella, gnocchi, arancini, Sorrento’s first microbrew and Neapolitan specialties as well as seeing how Limoncello lemon liqueur is produced.

Several tour dates are available in the next month with daily tours beginning April 18 through Oct. 30, 2014. Get your taste buds ready. As many times as I’ve been to Italy, there’s nothing like tasting the real deal there!

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