3 Unique Dining Experiences In Sorrento

Dine in a lemon garden and learn how to make Italian food and gelato in these three remarkable dining experiences in Sorrento.

Ristorante O Parrucchiano Sorrento
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In Sorrento, one has the opportunity to eat Southern Italian food in a city known for one of its fruits. Whether travelers are seeking to enjoy lunch, dinner or dessert, there are several dining establishments offering remarkable culinary adventures to take pleasure in. In order to enjoy Southern Italian cuisine in an unforgettable way, one can take part in these three unique dining experiences:

Ristorante ‘o Parrucchiano La Favorita

Ristorante 'o Parrucchiano La Favorita
Facebook: Ristorante O Parrucchiano Sorrento

Although it is located in Sorrento’s historical center, Ristorante ‘o Parrucchiano La Favorita offers several spaces that transport patrons to the region’s natural areas. Customers can choose to dine in the historical rooms, veranda halls, sala degli archi, or hall of arches, or lemon garden.

The historical rooms work well for couple and small family dinners, and feature an ancient wooden staircase with rock walls and ancient amphorae – tall Greek or Roman jars. In contrast, the veranda halls can host up to 500 guests, making it possible to host weddings or meetings in the two large rooms. The sala degli archi is defined by its arches and frescoes which, along with the greenery surrounding the space, give the room an antique and unique feel.

The most unique area of the restaurant is the lemon garden. One can sit surrounded by thousands of lights, lemon trees and other plants while enjoying a romantic dinner or intimate event. The restaurant’s one-of-a-kind spaces make it an unforgettable dining experience in the city.

Quanto Basta Cooking School

experiences in sorrento Quanto Basta Cooking School
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If one is seeking to learn how to make Southern Italian food (and eat the results,) then visit Quanto Basta Cooking School, a workshop where customers learn how to make traditional Neapolitan dishes. Quanto Basta shows how to prepare family recipes based on fresh produce and herbs from the establishment’s garden.

Patrons can prepare a variety of first-course dishes, such as: gnocchi, lasagna and seafood pasta, strawberry tiramisu, chocolate torta caprese and lemon torta caprese.

Each lesson includes a welcome prosecco cocktail and tasting of a large choice of cheeses and meats, but one can also enjoy a glass of wine at the wine bar or a meal at the supper club with family or friends and let the chef do the cooking.

Gelateria David

dining experiences in sorrento
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At Gelateria David, take part in a demonstration on the preparation of gelato. The lesson, which lasts approximately 45 minutes, includes an explanation by the chef, Mario Gargiulo, on what ingredients and techniques produce premium gelato. At the end of the presentation, customers can taste the freshly made dessert.

Additionally, patrons can choose to try Gelateria David’s specialties, which include the Pan David and Salty Gelato. The Pan David is made with naturally leavened bread and can be paired with Nutella or fresh fruit and a sprinkle of sugar. The Salty Gelato is gelato that can be accompanied by vegetables, cheese, fruit, tomato, basil, melon, curry and several other flavors.

One can also try Gelateria David’s yogurt, crêpes and waffles, each of which is carefully made with fresh ingredients.

Ray visited Sorrento in 2019.

Ray Lewis

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Originally from New Jersey, Ray developed a passion for traveling through his adventures in Europe. He created unforgettable memories in Greece and Italy, but is looking to explore more countries in different parts of the world as well.

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