5 Tips To Get The Best Out Of A Roman Holiday

From Trevi Fountain to Pinician Hill, this is romantically Roman.


Tip #1: Stumble upon the very Roman Trevi Fountain

While it may seem paradoxical to plan to stumble upon one of the most famous sites during your Roman Holiday, chances are, you’ll find yourself at the fountain without even using your map. One of my favorite things about Rome is that you can round a corner and find yourself in front of a famous site that has been in the city way longer than the gelato you are inevitably eating.


Tip #2: Buy tickets for the Vatican online

Listen, everyone wants to visit Vatican City on his or her trip to Rome. EVERYONE. Watch everyone turn green with envy as you breeze past the line that is wrapped around the Vatican’s walls and wait only to get through security. Even though the Sistine Chapel is probably worth waiting in line for hours, give your nerves a break and pre-print!

Tip #3: Don’t accept the “free” roses

If you visit the Spanish Steps in Rome (which you really should) there will be men that approach you and offer “free” roses to the beautiful tourists.  While I am sure that you are beautiful and deserving of roses, they won’t be free. After you snap a picture with your new gift, the men will ask for money for the roses. As the saying goes, there is no such thing as a free lunch. I recommend taking the free compliment and avoiding the roses.


Tip #4: Sunset on Pincio

For starters, the Pinician Hill (Pincio in Italian) looks down upon Piazza del Popolo, a must-see in Rome. The plaza has a beautiful fountain and it was nice to sit on the steps and people watch. Be sure to climb the hill to catch a sunset over Rome and get a great panoramic view of the city.

Tip #5: Get Weird in the Capuchin Crypt

Though not in most guidebooks, one of my favorite memories from my weekend in Rome was the Capuchin Crypt.  The crypt is inside the Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini church and is definitely worth the entrance fee of six Euros. Since the church stands on a plot that contains soil from Jerusalem, it was a popular burial spot for monks. When the crypts got too full, some of the bones were cleaned and used as artwork. The bones create surprisingly beautiful (albeit creepy) artwork. It’s definitely worth a trip and a postcard!

Maura Lewandowski

Maura is from Pittsburgh, PA and loved visiting Lisbon. When it comes to traveling, she's a planner. She does research before she arrives at the destination and makes sure she can fit in as much as possible.

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