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Known as the Eternal City, Rome is home to a wealth of culture, Roman history, and art – and in my opinion the most delicious food in the world!

Sounds pretty great, right? This is why you should make this city your next Roman holiday. If you need more convincing, just keep reading.

1. Endless history

It’s not called the Eternal City for no reason. Rome is one of the oldest cities in Europe, and the countless ruins spread throughout prove it.  It’s fun to daydream about the days of Cleopatra and Caesar and imagine what the city was like.

The Rape of Proserpina, Rome
The Rape of Proserpina, Rome. UNSPLASH Mateus Campos Felipe

2. Vespas

Live out your dreams of Audrey Hepburn or Greogry Peck, stars of the movie Roman Holiday, and hop on one of the countless Vespas zipping through the city.  Weaving in and out of traffic allows you to see the city from a whole new perspective.

Vespa, Rome
UNSPLASH Karl Köhler

3. The Colosseum

Seeing this famous landmark announces your arrival to Rome. Take a tour to get the full historical background. Beware of the men dressed as Romans, as they are not Russell Crowe from Gladiator, but instead street performers.

UNSPLASH David Köhler

4. The Vatican and Sistine Chapel

Another country itself, the Vatican has its own radio network, post office, and printing press on site. The remarkable landmark deserves a visit, even if you are not religious.  The Sistine Chapel alone is a reason to go. Pro tip: Arrange a private tour guide to take you through the exhibits.  There is SO much to see and having an expert guide you through is worth every penny.  Dress modestly and leave your short shorts and tank tops at home as you won’t be allowed in with them. You can find a private tour guide here.

UNSPLASH Chad Greiter

5. Cats

If you’re looking to film the next big YouTube sensation, go to Rome.  Cats run the city and you’ll even find them lounging on the ancient ruins. The Romans created cat sanctuaries for their furry feline friends so they would always have access to food and water.

Cats, Rome

6. A bevy of beverages

If you’re like me and consider wine a food group, then Rome is for you.  Wine is served with every meal and you can find delicious bargain priced bottles at any local grocery or liquor store. Another popular liquor in Italy is limoncello.  The sweet lemon after-dinner drink packs a punch – so indulge wisely. Can’t make it to Rome today? Make your own limoncello at home.

6 beverages rome

7. Decadent food

Italy offers all of my favorite foods: fresh bread, olive oil, cheese, pasta, seafood, and gelato. You can’t go wrong as every cobblestoned corner in Rome offers delectable bites. When you’re on the go, take a moment and try the thin, crispy pizzas.  At night, dine on several courses of Italian fair – pasta carbonara is a must! And never turn down gelato – you can eat it twice a day because you are burning so many calories from walking everywhere 😉

7 decadent food rome

8. Villa Borghese Park

My absolute favorite place in the city is the Villa Borghese Park. Similar to Central Park in New York City, it is the largest green space in Rome.  You can find museums, fountains, and even a zoo here. I recommend parking yourself on a blanket and people watching.  You’ll be able to spot strolling Italian families, kissing sweethearts, and tourists meandering around. The museum on the grounds, Galleria Borghese, is home to several Bernini statues – he’s the famous sculptor behind several of the famous fountains throughout the city. Buy tickets to the gallery here.

8 villa borghese rome

9. The Trevi Fountain

You can’t come to Rome and not make a wish at the Trevi Fountain. Although typically swarmed with tourists, it is fun to watch people from all over the world gather to throw a coin into the famous fountain.

9 trevi fountain rome

10. Trastevere

Escape the crowds by crossing the Tiber River into this quaint neighborhood, known for its lively nightlife.  During the day, marvel in the historical churches, shop at local boutiques, and enjoy a cup of cappuccino. At night, the shutters are raised to reveal restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. This is great place to stay during your Roman holiday.

Article written by KATIE HABIG.

10 trastevere rome

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