10 Must-Do’s For A Romantic Weekend In Rome

Here’s a list of must-do’s for a romantic weekend in Rome which you can do time and time again, with a partner or even by yourself, that proves that Rome is always a fantastic idea!

Is there anywhere more romantic than the Eternal City of Rome? Against this backdrop of endless historic sights and timeless art, it’s truly impossible not to get carried away in romance, just like Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday. We all have, however, been through the typical checklist of all the main attractions in Rome. This list is for those who are there to truly enjoy everything the city has to offer and take in the magic of simply being in the Eternal City.

Walk down Via dei Fori Imperiali

There’s nothing that opens your eyes to the full glory of Rome like a stroll through all the most stunning historic sights on Via dei Fori Imperiali. This walk through the heart of Rome’s Centro Storico never fails to put you in an enchanted mood which sets the tone for the rest of your trip.

Via dei Fori Imperiali will take you from the Colosseum all the way to the Altare della Patria. Along the way, you’ll see the Roman Forums, Palatine Hill, the walls of Circo Massimo, the Forum of Augustus and Trajan’s Column. Once you reach the grand façade of the towering Patria, you can continue around Piazza di San Marco to the Campidoglio. Make sure you climb up the hill of the Campidoglio, especially at least once while the sun sets, from which you’ll be able to catch views of the Roman Forums from above.

Take your lover’s hand and have your camera ready, as a walk down Via dei Fori Imperiali is essential to get you in the mood for all the beauty and magic Rome has to offer.

Via Fori Imperiali Colosseum
Via Fori Imperiali Colosseum. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Via dei Fori Imperiali walk
Via dei Fori Imperiali walk. PHOTO NADIA CHO

Aperitivo at Oro Bistrot

Via di S. Eufemia, 19, 00187 Roma RM, Italy

With so many gorgeous domes and historic buildings, Rome has lots of epic rooftop bars. However, it’s hard to beat Oro Bistrot at the top of NH Collection Roma Fori Imperiali Hotel. Imagine having sipping drinks while looking out at unobstructed views of the Altare della Patria and the Trajan Column and Forum.

The restaurant is open for lunch or dinner with a modern Italian menu consisting of fresh, flavoful plates like octopus with fennel and BBQ sauce or risotto with gorgonzola and sea urchin. It doesn’t get any better than Oro Bistrot at aperitivo hour, where you can order signature cocktails and munch on whatever delectable snacks the kitchen churns out that afternoon.

Oro Bistro views
Oro Bistro views. PHOTO NADIA CHO

Obviously, a rooftop bar with views this good is always going to be full. Thus, make sure you book a table in advance for both the restaurant and bar to make sure you get a table!

Oro Bistrot
Oro Bistrot aperitivo
Oro Bistrot aperitivo. PHOTO NADIA CHO

Dinner and Drinks at Osteria Le Coppelle

Piazza delle Coppelle, 54/55/56, 00186 Roma RM, Italy

Osteria le Coppelle is one of the most charming, classically Italian osterias you will find in the city center. Picture this: a warm, dimly lit bar with narrow passageways, wooden tables, plates of hearty pasta and the ruckus of lively, happy diners having a good old time. Located right around the corner from the Pantheon, Osteria Le Coppelle is always a good choice if you’re looking for a laidback, authentic place to eat or drink but don’t know where to go.

Osteria delle Coppelle cocktails
Osteria delle Coppelle cocktails. PHOTO NADIA CHO

The menu at Osteria Le Coppelle offers a comprehensive range of Italian comfort food. You can order yourself a fabulous cheese plate with the likes of stracciatella, burrata mozzarella with truffle, bufala mozzarella, plus some Italian or Spanish salami to go with it. Then dig into some hearty main dishes like Roman-style tripe with tomato sauce, artichoke coratella with lamb offal, pappardelle with stewed pork and porcini mushrooms and rigatoni with pork cheek.

And of course, there’s a wide selection of local and international wines plus classic and signature cocktails to indulge in. There’s truly no better setting than Osteria Le Coppelle to have a moody negroni at night!

Osteria Delle Coppelle negroni
Osteria Delle Coppelle negroni. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Osteria Delle Coppelle
Osteria Delle Coppelle. PHOTO NADIA CHO

Cocktails at Club Derriere

Vicolo delle Coppelle, 59, 00186 Roma RM, Italy

When you’re ready to keep the night going after dinner at Osteria Le Coppelle, there’s a speakeasy that’s convenient located in the back of the restaurant. You can enter directly form the restaurant by walking all the way to the back. Or there’s a separate entrance just for Club Derriere outside. The speakeasy is well-known for being one of the best cocktail bars in Rome, so don’t be surprised to see a line on most nights.

Club Derriere speakeasy
Club Derriere speakeasy. PHOTO Club Derriere

Club Derriere’s list of cocktails features highly inventive, original concoctions that you most likely haven’t seen anywhere else. The bar churns out mixtures with mysterious and intriguing flavors that are all perfectly balanced without being overpowering. The speakeasy feels decadent yet sophisticated with leather couches and bookshelves covering exposed brick walls. When you’re ready for the night to take a sexy turn, Club Derriere is perfect for setting the mood with an intriguing cocktail and sultry vibe.

Club Derriere cocktails facebook
FACEBOOK Club Derriere cocktails
Club Derriere speakeasy facebook
FACEBOOK Club Derriere speakeasy

Live Jazz at Gregory’s Jazz Club

Via Gregoriana, 54/a, 00187 Roma RM, Italy

Gregory's Jazz Club
Gregory’s Jazz Club. PHOTO NADIA CHO

Gregory’s Jazz Club is one of Rome’s most dependable jazz clubs, where there have been live jazz sets every night since 1996. It’s also a whiskey bar, which means the club invites a sophisticated crowd with good taste. Located around the corner from Piazza Barberini, a classy evening at Gregory’s is the perfect plan for a night out downtown.

Gregory’s pulls in a solid mix of celebrated Italian and international jazz artists. There are two sets of live jazz that go on every night and it’s always best to make a reservation in advance for one or the other. You can enjoy sipping cocktails while you watch live music in the intimate jazz bar upstairs. And there’s also the option to order sushi and other bites if you want dinner and a show. An evening listening to live jazz at Gregory’s sultry jazz club is a foolproof plan that never fails to impress a date.

Walk through Villa Borghese

Via Gregoriana, 54/a, 00187 Roma RM, Italy

There are very few places in Rome that are more romantic than Villa Borghese. Cardinal Scipione Borghese started converting his vineyards into what is now the biggest park in Rome in the 17th century. The vast estate houses multiple villas, including Villa Medici, which now houses the French Academy in Rome and Villa Giulia which serves as the Etruscan Museum. Galleria Borghese is located inside Villa Borghese itself, which houses one of the most spectacular collections of sculptures and paintings by the old masters in the world. However, if you wish to enter Galleria Borghese, be sure to book tickets online far in advance as the gallery is almost always at capacity.

Villa Borghese Piazza di Siena
Villa Borghese Piazza di Siena. PHOTO NADIA CHO

Even if you don’t get into the Galleria, there are tons of things to see throughout Villa Borghese. Walking through the vast gardens, you’ll pass by tons of romantic fountains, sculptures, ponds and landmarks. Our favorites include the Temple of Aesculapius, the small Temple of Diana, Piazza di Siena and of course, the view from Passeggiata del Pincio which looks out to the marvelous Piazza del Popolo below.

Villa Borghese Gallera Borghese
Villa Borghese Gallera Borghese. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Villa Borghese
Villa Borghese. PHOTO NADIA CHO

Gelato at Piazza del Popolo

Piazza del Popolo, 00187 Roma RM, Italy

Piazza del Popolo gelato
Piazza del Popolo gelato. PHOTO NADIA CHO

Once you exit Villa Borghese from Passeggiata del Pincio, it’s just a skip and a jump to walk down to Piazza del Popolo. The next natural step is to enjoy a yummy gelato while taking in one of Rome’s biggest bustling piazzas. There are lots of sights to take in at Piazza del Popolo; from the twin churches of Santa Maria in Montesano and Santa Maria dei Miracoli, to the towering Egyptian obelisk of Sety I, to the beautiful Fontana del Nettuno.

A short walk down any of the three thoroughfares that sprout from the piazza, Via del Corso, Via del Babuino and Via di Ripetta will take you to numerous cafes, restaurants and gelaterias to get your gelato. The closest one is Gelateria dei Gracchi on Via di Ripetta, which doesn’t have the most extensive list of flavors. But the flavors they do have are done right and are yummy.

Piazza del Popolo Santa Maria
Piazza del Popolo Santa Maria. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Piazza del Popolo
Piazza del Popolo. PHOTO NADIA CHO

Stroll down Via Margutta

Via Margutta is a charming little street a few blocks down from Piazza del Popolo. This unassuming street has a legendary status in Rome thanks to its major film credits throughout the years. Via Margutta 51 is the location of Gregory Peck’s apartment in Roman Holiday.  The street has also been featured in Fellini’s La Dolce Vita and Roma, and it’s also where the maestro director himself chose to live. Thus, Via Margutta is a must-see for movie buffs.

Via Margutta

But even if you’re not a classic film nerd, anyone can appreciate the charm and whimsy that oozes out of this little street. Faded yellow buildings are decorated with vines, elegant street art and old fountains. Via Margutta is home to a lovely collection of boutique hotels, modern art galleries and trendy high-end boutiques. Its reputation as a popular address for artists, craftsmen and creatives of all kinds continues to live on. It’s the perfect setting for a romantic stroll hand-in-hand with a lover, a la Roman Holiday.

Via Margutta street art
Via Margutta street art. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Via Margutta cinematic street
Via Margutta cinematic street. PHOTO NADIA CHO

Roman Pizza at Pizzarium Bonci

Via della Meloria, 43, 00136 Roma RM, Italy

Pizza al taglio chef, Gabriele Bonci, enjoys household name status as a ubiquitous television personality. His Roman pizza stop, Pizzarium Bonci, also reached legendary status when it was featured in Chef’s Table: Pizza on Netflix.  Put those two together and you got one of the hottest spots for pizza in all of Rome, if not, the world.

Bonci Pizzarium
Bonci Pizzarium. PHOTO NADIA CHO

Pizzarium Bonci is located in Vatican City, right by the Cipro metro stop. Despite being one of the most famous pizzerias in Rome, Bonci is a hole-in-the-wall with just a display counter that shows of the pizzas and no place to sit or eat, save for the narrow bar where you can stand up and eat by the window. But obviously, Bonci is all about the pizza which is all you need. Behind the counter, you’ll see rectangular slices of Roman pizza topped with fresh and colorful ingredients. Sustainability and ethically sourced natural ingredients are a top priority at Bonci. So, being able to support local sustainable agriculture while eating mouthwatering pizza is a huge plus.

Our tip is to get to Bonci at least 15 minutes before it opens, because you know that a pizza shop of this stature will have people lining up all day every day.